Friday, October 29, 2010

Keep Your Eye On The Target

Around here we believe in teaching them at a young age to focus. IMG_8246

First we give them all the proper lessons and tools they need to ensure that acquiring their target is done in the safest and most efficient way. And it’s never too early to learn about these tools, even when you're not quite ready to go after the target.


It is much easier to keep your eye on your target if you know what it is. We need to be specific with what we are aiming at, so we don’t miss. When we first learn to focus, our targets are clearly defined and often don’t move out of our sights.


Later our targets may not be as clearly defined and might move in and out of our range requiring our focus to be even more steadfast.


If it isn’t, we may find ourselves distracted. It is easy to forget the task at hand when we see something else that grabs our attention.


Something that has nothing to do with with our target, but may be just as interesting. It can be difficult to focus for many hours on just one thing.

And sometimes we realize that no matter how hard we try to attain our target, we just can’t seem to do it through traditional methods. We need help zeroing in and getting it within our sights.


Even if we look a little foolish doing it, we know that we will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Even if there is some snickering going on behind your back.

Because if we stay focused, don’t give up, and keep our eye on the target we will nail it. But it might just take several tries, so don’t give up!

How do you keep your eye on the target?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Fantastic Read- Jody Hedlund’s The Preacher’s Bride

I’ve been slow to post recently, but I hope to get back on track. I am once again home and in the whirlwind of getting my house back in order and ready for the holidays! I can’t believe it is already the end of October, where did my summer go?  No matter, because fall is my favorite time of year and I will enjoy the cooler temps and autumn colors.

I have to brag now on a fantastic book I read by debut author Jody Hedlund, The Preacher’s Bride.  Most of you know her, but those who don’t let me tell you something,she is one amazing lady.  She inspires me as she is also a homeschooling mom and yet makes sure she has the time to write.  And write well.

First a confession. I haven’t read too many books in which the plot and characters are centered around a Christian theme, especially historical. In fact, even though I tend to write from a Christian angle, I have been worried that a book considered Christian fiction might not hold my attention.  I thought the romance would not be steamy enough, the plots too boring.  I have no idea where I came up with these theories because Jody’s book is NONE of these. I knew she was a fantastic writer, I just thought maybe it wouldn’t be my type of book. Wrong again!

I’ve picked up a lot of books over the years from new authors and many times the first few books they write are good, but lacking. The talent is there, but it’s not quite honed.  So imagine my surprise when from the very first sentence of Jody’s book she had me hooked.  I read without any of the “writer” thoughts going through my head of , “Well, the wording could be better” or “The plot is going a little slow” or “Hmm, that character is a little weak”.  I just kept reading Preacher’s Bride and my “writers” brain was in awe. 

The characters come alive, the plot keeps you turning the page and well, lets just say that the romance between the two main characters is anything but boring.  It’s a beautiful story of faith and love, one that left me up way past my bedtime to finish. 

The back cover sums it up wonderfully:

No matter the sacrifice, Elizabeth Whitbread would serve a wounded family.
No matter the danger, John Costin was determined to speak God's word.
Neither expected to fall in love.

It’s a book you won’t want to miss reading and it leaves me waiting for her next one.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Special Night at the Movies watching Secretariat


Thanks to BlogHer and Disney, my two oldest daughters and parents were able to go to a special screening of Secretariat.  It was a special night for my kids as my parent’s were raised in Kentucky and grew up with the Kentucky Derby . I was only a few months old when Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby, then went on to win the Triple Crown. But his name was one I grew up with, and now my children know his amazing story.

The following is a review written by my 10 year old, Em.

Secretariat was a great movie! You’ll laugh, you’ll want to cry at some parts, but it still is a great movie. A lot of people clapped in the movie theater because it was just that good. I am so glad that Disney gave us those tickets for three reasons: number 1 it was an outstanding movie, number 2 we got great seats, and number 3 we didn’t have to wait in the huge line. We got to go ahead of everyone and be ushered to our seats.

Secretariat was a race horse in the 70’s. It was cool because they showed real footage of the race in some parts of the movie. It was extra special because I went with my Grandparents and they’re from Kentucky and some parts of the movie were in Kentucky. Go see Secretariat!

So if you get a chance this weekend go see Secretariat in action!