Friday, May 30, 2008

Quirky Tag

My good friend at Smockity Frocks tagged me the other day and I've been meaning to get to it, but I've been too busy to get to it. That is over, for now anyway, so I'm on to telling you about my quirks.

1. I constantly have mini-movies playing in my head. Anything can trigger these; a smell, sound, person, the way someone talks, etc. I immediately begin to make up a story complete with cast of characters and storyline. I try to file these away for some time when I can actually write them down!

2. I can’t go to sleep at night unless some part of my body is touching my husbands, even if it means putting my cold feet on his legs.

3. I’m pretty good at reading lips. Since I have terrible ears I established this habit at a young age, it comes in handy sometimes.

4. I rescue earthworms from sidewalks and puddles. Why? Because they are God’s creatures too!

5. My lullaby to all my children has been a rendition of Swing Low, followed by Jump Down Turn Around Pick a Bale of Cotton. My mother sang this to me and I’ve carried on the tradition.

6. I put soy sauce in my wonton soup and I like my fried chicken sandwiches with mayo and ketchup only.

Here's the skinny:* Link the person who tagged you.* Mention the rules in your blog.* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.* Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking them.

Okay, so instead of tagging six specific bloggers I thought maybe you who feel like it could continue this tag. If you decide to take the challenge leave a comment here and a link to your post so we can check it out. I hope you all join in, I would love to read your quirks.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Rant Update

First of all I would like to express sadness over my inability to write a post without a huge number of grammatical and punctual mistakes. That last post, well it was a mess. I tried to clean it up and post it but for some reason it kept posting my original not my edited version. Then it wouldn't save and on and on, so the post you read was very rough, not very writer-like of me!
Second, I tried to add an update, but since it didn't save I couldn't. Yes, I know I really have no business sitting in front of a computer trying to act like I know how technology works, hang in there with me please. I wanted to say WB talked to the superintendent who assured us the girls would not be held back, but they still had to go to the review board, state law. There is some question about that because our source with the state says it's not state law, whatever. I did get all medical records to prove that they were sick, not just home with me watching soap operas. The principal was supposed to call and arrange a meeting with us, no that has not happened and it's been a couple of days. It is a busy time of year so I'm patiently giving her time, but she will meet with my husband and I before the summer is up. And since you all encouraged me I will be writing a letter to the state and CC it to the people here. Maybe they need to figure out a different way to allocate funding, just a thought:)

Enough of that. I've been tagged by myfriendconnie so later today I will get that post up!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Rant

Now I have a little something to get off my chest and those of you who might not know me by now might want to stop reading. My hubby worries I come across bitter and ugly when I start on one of my rants. But I'm thinking some of you may identify so I'm going to go ahead and risk sounding like a not so nice person.

I mentioned how wonderful my children's teachers are because they are but I'm not so happy with the administration. And I used to be an administrator so I know it's a tough job, but right now I really don't care. At my children's school once a semester a yellow bus drives up to the school, loads up a select group of kids and heads into town to the "Jump N Jive" where they bounce and jump and have all sorts of fun for a few hours. Now you may ask what have these amazing children done, discovered a cure for the hiccups, gone a whole semester without getting into trouble, never forgot their homework, maybe made good, no, no silly they didn't miss a single day of school. Oh and by a single day I mean they were there from at least 10:00 on or they were there until at least ten in the morning, hence being counted present. Because really smart parents ( I am not one of them) know the "system". I am proud of these kids who never missed school, but more than that I am so happy they were never sick, being dragged back and forth to doctors, being stuck with needles, laying in bed running high temperatures with parents worriedly watching over them. They deserve to celebrate. Here's my gripe and you know I had one: what about the children who for whatever reason find themselves sick and unable to go to school, what about the parent's who stick hard to the rule of DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD RETURN TO SCHOOL UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS. That's twenty-four hours people, not oh the last time they had a fever was yesterday at 5:00pm so they can go to school today. They might be able to, but in the meantime they are spreading germs to kids who's immune system might not be as strong as theirs. Did I tell you my little Soph got RSV and pneumonia when she was 2 years old because not one but two parents thought it was okay to send their kids to school with RSV because well, they needed to go to work or they had a luncheon date?!! I hope I'm not sounding unsympathetic to the plight of working parents, I understand, I had a boss threaten me on several occasions that I couldn't miss any more work to stay home with my sick kids. It's a terrible place to be, I'm sorry.

Two more things I must mention, even though I've lost most of you by now because of my ranting, and I am sorry. Prize patrol, this group comes around with little prizes every grading period to give out prizes for kids who haven't missed school for that period. My little Soph wanted with every fiber of her being to just one time get a prize, to not miss school. So much so that even when she was running a temp of 103 she cried because she knew she was not going to get a prize. It breaks a mommas heart I'm telling you.

And now after running around to doctors, holding a sobbing child in your lap as she gets poked and pricked, rocking her as she wakes up from surgery and is mad at the world, sneaking into her bed at night to make sure she is still breathing or watching as she struggles to take that next breath, rejoicing as her health seems to be on the upturn and thanking God every step of the way, we get a letter telling us our children's absences are EXCESSIVE, even under the extenuating circumstances and they will be put before a review board to see if they can advance in grade. The cause of concern is gaps in learning. You know this is a bunch of hooey when one child tests off the charts in almost every area or scores perfectly and the other despite her illnesses has climbed to the middle to upper middle of her class and is above all levels on her testing. No, no it's not about the money they lose when your child is not at school, since the state pays them per daily attendance, it's about the gaps in learning really, really...

Oh, and their was a veiled threat of "next year your child's absences will be monitored very closely to ensure their success!" I welcome them into my home to change dirty bed linens, give meds in the middle of the night, etc. is this closely enough?

I must go lay down now....ranting is exhuasting!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Posting Minus The Rant

Well, I just wrote a very therapeutic post in which I expressed something that has really been upsetting me, unfortunately I can not post it now. WB has asked me to hold off until things get more settled...we're in the middle of a an issue and we're setting up meetings with the involved parties and once that is done I can rant, aren't you excited? WB, the dear man, believes hundreds of people read my blog on a daily basis (not you loyal twelve!) and doesn't want to rock the apple cart just yet, it's a strategic move on his part. He really would have made a good lawyer or chess player for that matter. So I will have to share later...

Em played Little Late Riding Hood in her class play. It was a hoot and those kids are budding actresses and actors. Her teacher works with them so hard on these things and she is such a great teacher. We have been blessed on the teacher front!

That was supposed to be a picture of Em in her play, but that picture is on my laptop downstairs and well I'm upstairs now! So imagine this face and a red hood, that's what it was like.

And here's Soph. She has been busy with end of the year activities. And she found a turtle yesterday, so life is good.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Would You Look At That!

Oh my, if only I could go back in time and give those two a huge squeeze. Just look at those faces... and look at all those cherries in Soph's bucket!!! I miss our cherry trees too. And they are standing in the door of the little house WB made them from our old fence. I miss that little house too.
This just proves that time flies!!!

Religion and Children

My children are a constant source of entertainment and ahhh haaa moments. Recently, both of them have had some conversations about religion, faith, and God that have caused me to smile.

One was when my eight year old daughter and her friend were sitting in the very back of my SUV as we made our way to gymnastics one evening. I picked up on this conversation mid-stream:

Friend: "I was saved on my Dad's birthday."

Em: "Saved? What do you mean saved?" (FYI we're Catholic and "saved" is not terminology we use in our faith the way others do.)

Friend: "You know the day I accepted Jesus into my heart."

Em: "But Jesus was always in your heart."

Friend:"I know, but you have to ask him and then you're saved."

Em: "You do?"

At this point I interject because I can see Em is beginning to look a little worried.

"Em at our church you were baptized as a baby, now you are studying the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation, and First Communion. We believe you were "saved" when you were baptized and now you are getting to know Jesus even better as you study these sacraments."

Relief washes over Em's face and she nods.

"Yeah, that's right." says her friend.

"Okay." Em replies.

Then they go on to chat about other things happily. No judging, no arguing, no questioning, both just very comfortable with their God and their faith and each other.

Amazing what children can teach us!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blue Dog and the Rattlesnake

Yesterday morning as we were sitting down for breakfast Soph went out to the backyard to say hi to our dogs, Blue and Thunder. She came running back into the house with a terrified screech calling Blue's name. As Blue slowly made her way to the door she turned her head and I gasped. Her head was so swollen at first I thought she was some other dog, but as I looked into her pitiful eyes I knew it was my Blue girl. The dog we've had for twelve years, way before kids even before marriage. I suspected right away she had been bitten, I was hoping maybe just spider or bee, not snake. But later that day the vet called to tell me she was 99.9% sure it was a rattlesnake. Because of the nature of the swelling, bruising of the gums, and bleeding in her mouth. She couldn't find the fang marks, but other than that it had to have been a snake. Because of her age and side effects of the anti-venom meds she didn't want to give them to her, oh and the cost. I can only imagine the cost of those meds because the bill I paid was already a good chunk of change! She spent the better part of the day at the vet, came home that afternoon with antibiotics and meds for the swelling.

Do you remember the story of Rikki-Tiki-Tavi ? It is one of my favorites. I loved that little mongoose and how he protected his family from the evil cobras. Even though I wasn't there I think that is what happened with Blue. Some rattlesnake slithered into our yard, probably chasing a little field mouse. Blue probably awoke when she sensed something sinister nearby. I imagine she barked a warning and the rattler curled up and began to shake its rattles. Daring her to make a move. Hence, the standoff began. Blue, who never backs down to anything, would not have stood for this offensive stance from the snake for long. Determined Blue would do whatever it took to keep her yard safe knowing the girls would be out soon. Ye those of little faith, if you knew this dog as I know her you wouldn't doubt my words...the stories I could tell.

Well, Blue girl is on the mend and the snake yet to be found. This weekend we are moving wood piles and mowing for the first time this season in hopes of stirring up some snakes. We'll be having rattlesnake shish kabobs while kicking back and rereading Rikki-Tiki-Tavi, if you'd care to join us!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WFMW - Flushable Wipes

When we moved to our new house we moved to a house with newer toilets (less powerful flushers) and a septic system. It was an adjustment because, well to put it frankly, we kept plugging up our toilets. No, it was not pretty, not at all. Especially when I was still pregnant, hurling at the sight of Cheetos, not to mention a plugged up toilet. I started to throw fits, I rationed toilet paper and I scared the beegeezees out of my two precious girls. So much so they quickly learned how to use, or attempt, to use the plunger. I blame my reaction on my hormones and I assure you I do not try to scare my children on a regular basis, but I was desperate. That brings me to now, a year later, one of my dear children started having problems, errr getting wiped good. Okay, I totally blame more plugged up toilets but now we have another problem...not clean tushies. Because my child is older I didn't think of flushable wipes right away, but finally they dawned on me. Now we have a box in each bathroom and it has worked wonders. My not so little one is no longer embarrassed about her predicament, she doesn't have to ask me for help, or fear the plugging of the toilet. I just wish I had thought of it sooner.
So there's my tip for today, even older kids can use flushables, remember that:)

For more great tips head over to Shannon's!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Planting A Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we plowed up a larger section of our yard for our pumpkin patch. WB put some very antique looking disc's on his tractor and weighted them done with some cinder blocks to plow the field. His dad brought them up for him and WB had a great time plowing in circles up and down the slope. We saved pumpkin seeds from last year so we planted, Cinderellas, Fairy Tales, Giants, and some funky gourds we named Frogs. Now we just have to pray for rain because watering that far out is not very easy!!

The girls enjoyed their time outside. Little One actually stayed outside for quite a while, so I could do some work. It was wonderful to get my hands dirty and work up a sweat doing while doing something other than running up and down the stairs to change diapers:) They did have to move into the shade eventually because it was in the 90's on Sunday....summer has arrived.

WB and I were commenting on how it's the smells that can bring back the strongest water hitting a thirsty dirt field. It's a scent that evokes memories of hot summer days, long awaited storms, and times when you worked for the better part of the day with your hands sifting through the soil. It's that earthy smell that makes the memories flood back from your earliest years. We both took a jog down memory lane as we stood sweltering under the watchful eyes of the sun in our newly plowed field...oh sorry...I've been itching to get back to my novel writing, couldn't help myself.
Anyway, we're hoping for some great pumpkins for our Annual Great Pumpkin Party in the fall, keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, May 16, 2008

"For Real" Friday

In the spirit of keeping things "real", I've deemed today "For Real" Friday. Soph has a summer birthday and we all know that summer birthdays sometimes get overlooked during the school year. But her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Adams, said any kids with summer birthdays could celebrate it this month. Soph is a fourth of July baby and therefore very patriotic and usually goes with a red, white, and blue theme. She asked for a flag cake to be made, I of course said, "No problem!" Sometimes I forget I have a one year old underfoot and still believe I can just whip things out lickety-split along with my all my other daily chores.

Here is the finished cake.

And this is my house afterwards...

For Real!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cow in Our Yard ...Part 2

Due to technical difficulties and the frustration of one momma and the limited patience of a certain 1 year old, click here to read the second part of my story. Some day I will become technically unchallenged, but don't hold your breath!

WFMW- Books, Books, and more Books

My tip for this Wednesday is about books. We LOVE books around here and have several bookcases full of books. The problem is we keep buying more books at school book fairs, Scholastic book orders, garage sales, etc. (our town doesn't have a public library, we have to go into the "city" for the library so we don't get to go very often) I have three kiddos, each with different tastes and reading levels so this is what I have done. I have given each one of them a bookshelf on our bookcase. When it is full and they want to acquire another book we go through the shelf and pull any books they are no longer interested in. We put these in a cardboard box, which when it gets full we donate to the school library or Goodwill. I, then, do not feel guilty buying so many books because I know they will end up in good hands when we are done with them!
Also, any special books that I want to make sure don't get given away or kept for my younger children I put up on the top shelf of my bookcase.

That's it, my tip for today...head over to Shannon's for more great tips!!

*Part 2 of "The Cow in our Yard" story later today!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cow in our yard...Part 2

Yesterday's cow adventure was the most excitement we've had around here in awhile. Yes, I know that is truly sad, but what can I say. After finding out I had a herd of bovines (eight in all; four mommas, three babies, and a steer) I gathered my wits and told the girls to call their dad while I ran for the camera. I rattled off WB's work number to Em as I dashed out the front door. I was too excited taking pictures to listen to the conversation, but when WB got home he and Em had a little friendly chat about emergencies. Here's his version of the phone call:

WB: (picks up the phone and hears nothing, then screaming) Hello, hello?
Em: Dad, daaaaad. Dad. It's an emergency. (pause)
Okay, at this point in the story I felt really bad for WB. I know he was imagining me laying in a heap somewhere unresponsive, poor man.
WB: What's wrong?
Em: It's an emergency! We have Cows in the front yard!!
WB: (deep sigh of relief) Okay, where's your mom?
Em: She's taking pictures in the front yard.
WB: (probably rolling his eyes) Okay, could you put her on the phone?
Poor, poor WB he is a lone man trying to survive in a whirlwind of hormones and emotions. It's difficult for him to keep up on most days, but he rallies along pretty well.

Now for the sad part of the story. WB works a good hour away from home and didn't make it home in time to don his chaps (okay, he doesn't own any...but I'm thinking about getting him some). I don't know about you all, but I was disappointed! And Blue the cowdog, well she was put in the garage. I was afraid the excitement of the cows might give her a heart attack. She is almost thirteen after all.

This momma we called WhiteFace. She had no qualms walking right up to our front door, unlike the other cows.

So an hour after the cavalry was called they arrived...

Here is WhiteFace trying to hide behind that stick, um I mean tree, as they arrive. WhiteFace is unaware that we don't have a tree anywhere on the property that could even begin to hide her!

In the meantime Em was busy making sure the cows stayed out of our gardens!

Here's the two young deputies that came to our rescue. You'll notice they are casually walking along, the cows have scampered off in front of them. And that is it...the deputies walk, the cows scamper along until they find the opening in the fence and they just go back to their side of the fence.

See, there they are back where they belong, way down there! And you'll notice WhiteFace is looking at us thinking that it was all so unnecessary!

Monday, May 12, 2008

MMM- "Momma, there's a cow in our front yard!"

This is what I found in my front yard this afternoon after Soph came running down the stairs proclaiming there was a cow in our yard. I looked out the front door and sure enough there was one cow down by our driveway. As I walked out to get a better look I felt eyes upon me.

All these cows were actually a few feet away from me right there by my ornamental grasses. I shooed them away before I thought to take a picture for my blog. Probably a good thing since that grass might have looked appetizing.
That was my memorable moment for today. You'll have to check back tomorrow to see how I get them out of my yard. Does Blue the cow dog come to our rescue? Do our gardens survive their munching? And does WB don his chaps and play cowboy?

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day!

My Mom and Me 35 years ago

Little One and I a year ago

Wow, how time flies. I can't believe it's been eight years since I first become a mother. Em was headstrong from the start, then came Soph and she was a textbook delivery, then surprise, surprise I had Little One. Being a mother is the most amazing, beautiful, and difficult thing I've ever experienced. Now I know what my mother meant when she'd say, "Just wait until you're a mother!"

I want to wish all the mother's out there a fabulous day, enjoy yourselves!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weeds, Beautiful Weeds

Em examining one of our resident "weeds".
With spring upon us we decided it would be nice to take a nature walk after dinner one night. We only have two acres here at Cotton-Top Hills, but to us it's our own little piece of wildlife heaven. We decided to take pictures of the plants in bloom and the plan is to make a journal of sorts. That's the plan, but with everything around here the completion of the plan usually looms somewhere out there just out of reach!

Recently, while researching one of the plants we were going to purchase, I read that it was considered a noxious weed in some parts. Interesting, and here I was willing to pay an arm and a leg to get these plants for my flower beds. Well, not really an arm and a leg but I did sacrifice a pedicure for them. Well not really, I don't get pedicures unless someone is very, very sweet and sends me off to get one, aaaahem, sorry lost my train of thought for a second. As I was saying I'm paying for what someone else thinks is a stubborn weed in their yard and I'm putting it in mine. Well, I now have an idea...

Welcome to Cotton-Top Hills Nursery. We'll ship any of the below weeds, err, native, exotic wildflowers right to your door for a small fee. I can guarantee that they can withstand 70 mph winds, erratic changes in temperature, and drought. Not to mention the continuous stomping on by little feet and tractors alike. Check back in the fall where we'll have a special on tumbleweeds. You can be the only one in your neighborhood with genuine Texas tumbleweeds landscaping your yard! Feel free to browse below:

We also have yuccas and prickly burr plants by the dozens. These make great security systems for your home. Just plant around doors and windows and I bet it'll work better than any high tech alarm system. It will also teach your children to wear shoes!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Whoops, that's my nursing pad on your shoe!

I thought about describing exactly what a nursing pad is, but then I figured if you don't know you probably don't need to read this post:) So here's the thing. I'm so happy to nurse my babies, but those little pesky nursing pads turn up in the darnedest places. Sometimes I believe that they sprout legs and take off when I'm not looking, only to reappear when it is least expected.

One day late last fall my parents were visiting when the weather started to turn wintry. We were under a freeze warning and by the the cold wind that started whipping through that afternoon we believed it would get below 32. My garden was full of green tomatoes and I just couldn't stand to see them go to waste. So my dear Dad and I bundled up to pick the last of my garden. With heavy jackets we braved the gusty northern wind and made it to the garden. As the wind whipped and whirled around us we dutifully picked the green vegetables (technically they are fruits, I know) with numbing fingers. At this point I would like for you to know that the rest of my family was sitting inside warm and cozy, just wanted to point that out.

I bent down to pick some that were hiding underneath when suddenly the wind swirled around me with such force it took my breath away. Standing up to catch my breath I saw something white fluttering through the air, could it be? Yes, it was. My nursing pad. I watched as it gracefully twirled around my dad's head and took off to parts unknown. The wind was howling so loud I couldn't really hear my dad, but being the lip reader I am I made out, "Was that your nursing pad?" My Dad knows about these things, he can't help it with a family full of women. I nodded and burst out laughing. Who knew that the wind could actually rip the pad right from underneath my shirt, crazy huh?

There are pads nesting all over my house: in couch cushions, bed sheets, dryers, car seat, popping out of pant legs etc. I don't know how, it just happens. My theory is that they are multiplying. What was that movie with the little creatures and if you got them wet they multiplied, Gremlins? Or maybe when they got wet they turned evil, oh heck I don't remember. The point is they are everywhere. WB is blind to them. One could fall out of my shirt into his Granola and he wouldn't blink an eye. I think he feels it is impolite to notice any womanly products, which absolutely cracks me up. It's sorta sweet, but I laugh because he lives in a house of four females, he's going to have to start wearing blinders to not notice all the girly things that will be popping up.

Anyway, as they fall off my body at inconvenient times it's no wonder that one day as I was struggling with a hysterical five year old after having blood drawn while holding Little One, one of the suckers fell out onto the floor. The waiting room was full of men and as I quickly looked around I noticed no one seemed to see the blaring white orb on the floor. But before I could snatch it up a man walked by forcing me to step back. My eyes grew large as I watched a designer loafer step on the pad and carry it away. I stared at his dark suit as he walked to the desk, nursing pad stuck to his heel, making a fashion statement he wasn't even aware of. I envisioned myself tapping him on the shoulder and saying, "Excuse me but you have my nursing pad on your shoe." Or "Whoops, that white thing stuck on your shoe belongs in my bra." No, no that sounds like some sort of pick up line. Unfortunately, my two children needed my attention more than the gentleman with the...aah accessory on his shoe, so I left the office hoping the darn thing would just fall off on its own. I have no idea where that one ended up!

And when Little One reached about 6 months she became aware of them. As I would sit discreetly nursing her in a public place she would snatch the pad in her little fist, ripping it off waving it in the air like she was surrendering to all in sight. Needless to say that this ended our stealthy nursing sessions.

I know, I know soom of you just couldn't imagine how exciting life while nursing could be, could ya?!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

MMM- More Pictures From Em's First Communion Weekend

The girls are lucky to have such fun Grandmother's! Grandmommy usually brings some sort of arts and crafts to do with the kids and Grammy, well as you can see she's up for just about anything. Kinda like Gramp that way:)

It's always fun when family comes to visit. And Granddaddy I missed getting pictures of you this trip...I bet you have some you could send me!

That's my memorable moment for this week.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Kentucky Derby Time

Ahh, there is nothing in sports that compares to the run for the roses. I mean it's not just a sporting event it's a tradition, deeply rooted in Kentucky history. Everyone in my family has a story to tell about their first experience at Churchill Downs. I think everyone has even been to the Derby, well not me, but really I'm not whining or anything. Picture this: It's a sunny day at the track and the crowd begins to gather. Ladies are decked out in wide brimmed hats, men are wearing ties, and children are in their Sunday best. The colorful silk of the jockeys flutter in the wind as the call to "Mount up" echos throughout the stall as beautiful sleek thoroughbreds snort and stomp in anticipation. The band begins to play and the entire crowd joins in and the racetrack is filled with the strains of "My Old Kentucky Home". It's an anthem of sorts for anybody with any ties to the bluegrass state. The bugle sounds and they are's only two minutes but your knuckles turn white as you clutch your hands together rooting for your favorite horse. Yep, it definitely beats the Superbowl or the Master's, of course that is just my opinion! Anyway, there are so many traditions surrounding this day, but I'll leave you with one and that is the sipping of the mint julep. The English have their tea and us Kentucky folks have our Mint Juleps!

Here's the recipe

Early Times Mint Julep
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
Sprigs of fresh mint
Crushed ice
Early Times Kentucky Whisky
Silver Julep Cups
Make a simple syrup by boiling sugar and water together for five minutes. Cool and place in a covered container with six or eight sprigs of fresh mint, then refrigerate overnight. Make one julep at a time by filling a julep cup with crushed ice, adding one tablespoon mint syrup and two ounces of Early Times Kentucky Whisky. Stir rapidly with a spoon to frost the outside of the cup. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

Check out all the days events at

Friday, May 2, 2008

Em's First Communion

Em had her First Communion this weekend and it was beautiful. She looked so grown up in her pretty white dress and braided hair with flowers. We went with flowers instead of a veil. My mom had a crown of fresh flowers made for my hair and I wanted to carry on the tradition. In fact on picture day at the church we didn't have any flowers and Em felt a little self-conscious so I found myself outside searching the flowerbeds for little white flowers. I found some and I knew God was smiling down on me as I quickly picked a couple for her hair and said a prayer of thanks. Well, if anyone had caught me picking the flowers that was what I was going to tell them, that God had put them there just for me! The other children who received First Communion at Saturday's mass.

After mass we all blew back to our house for a cookout. Really, we blew. When we left church the winds were gusting at about 60 mph and that is the truth. It was a cookout we all enjoyed indoors. Here's Em opening some gifts.

Our sweet friend Elizabeth made Em's cake and she also made these sinful chocolate cupcakes. It was all so yummy!

Em and Soph with their Dad at the church.

Em with Kaitlynn and Cameron, her godbrother and godsister.
Sweet Em at the church.
It was so nice with her Godparents and family coming in, grandparents, an uncle, and sweet friends who share our Catholic faith. I'll share more of our adventures that weekend and more pictures but I wanted to get these up for everyone. And I wanted to document that I was there, because somehow my picture is never taken (no I wasn't hiding from the camera's, well maybe).

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gramps Arrival

Last Thursday Gramp was the first of our relatives to arrive for Em's First Communion. The girls are always excited by a visit from Gramp. My dad loves kids and is quite the comedian. They also know Gramp will do just about anything if asked. He's been known to make several trips to the pool or beach, then to playground, then to ice cream all in one day. I would have said something like, "We already spent two hours at the pool we are not going back today. Mom needs to rest." But you see they've figured out that Gramp is usually up for anything so they are ready with a list of activities when he arrives.
Here he is bike riding with the girls on the first day even though the wind was blowing 25 mph.

Little One also gets time with Gramp. Here she is showing him her "birdies".

And here she is showing him just where the identifiable markers are on a female Quail's face. Yes, she really is a brilliant little 12 month old!

But wait the fun was only beginning, soon more grandparents and Godparents would arrive. I'll post more tomorrow!