Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank You

First of all I wanted to let you all know we finally got in with the cardiologist. Little One has some extra beats and a murmur. She wore a halter for 24 hours and did such a good job through the whole process, she was such a trooper. We don't have the results back, but the doctor really felt all would be fine and we'd just monitor her yearly. The doctor and his team were wonderful and I felt all your prayers as the appointment went smoothly for us all. I just want to thank you for being with us through this, your prayers are powerful!

Next I'd like to wish each of you a very blessed holiday season. I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs during the holidays. Thank you for being my blogging friends, you are true blessings.

I'd like to share this from Soph....

It's hard to read but the scripture is Luke 2:11-14.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This last week has been entirely too crazy. The weather has gone from ice, to snow, to sun, to hurricane strength gusts of wind. We've lost water, telephone lines, DSL, and some patience along the way. WB has had crisis at work, I've had crisis under the wrapping paper, and my children are anxious for Christmas. When we go out to do anything people are acting just a little insane. You take your life in your hands when you enter the Walmart parking lot for instance. Then there is always the bell ringer and me digging in my purse for change as my toddler tries to run through the open doors with her older sisters rolling their eyes at all the chaos.

But I just finished cleaning my kitchen, which is now ready for the next round of candy making. I've settled Little One down at the table behind me for a paint craft and my older children are upstairs playing quietly. So I realized I've been away from my blog for a week! I hate when that happens, but life goes on. So here I sit happy to have a chance to write, relax and catch up with my blogging friends.

I just turned around and this is what I found:

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to get the paint out."
(she did have a painting apron on, but I guess she didn't need that)

"Hmm, I think you did."

Please tell me I'm not the only one overwhelmed by the goings on during the holiday season! Or if you're not share your secrets!!

Off to clean again:)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Author Fundraising Fun

Okay, if I an ever a best selling author I want to do a fund raiser like this. Susan Albert, author of three different mystery series, is hosting a raffle. This raffle is unique because if you win you actually win a spot in one of her books. Yep, you get to be a character in one of her novels. She'll work with you on developing your character and put it into one of her books! This raffle just happens to be a fundraiser for the Story Circle Conference I mentioned earlier in one of my posts. They have a scholarship fund for women who would like to attend, but because of financial difficulties need some help. A worthy cause in my book.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know so you could buy yourself or a loved one some tickets. Also, I'm filing away all these great ideas just in case someday my career as a writer puts me in a position to help others. Isn't it amazing how many different ways we can touch people with our writing. What a great gift to be given!
I'd love to hear of some other ways authors donate their talent to good causes, do you know of any, or have any ideas for what you might do to help share your gift?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weathering The Storms

There is never a boring moment in my West Texas skies. Take, for instance, this cloud formation that occurred this summer.

Yes folks we have rotation. It was such an amazing sight to see, to watch from a distance and not be afraid. All because I have a clear view of what may be coming.

I can just watch from my front porch and marvel at the force of nature. I like when I can see treacherous weather coming from a distance. I can face it head on. Prepare myself. Unlike the ones that sneak up on you on the darkest of nights. Or those that come hidden in a cloak of forceful wind, rain and hail.

Another good thing about these storms is that not just I can see them coming, but everyone else can too. So even if you neglected to see the gigantic twirling cloud forming right outside, your neighbor hasn't. And being the good neighbor she is, she'll give you a call to make sure you are aware of the potentially dangerous storm lurking in the distance. She'll also volunteer to bring some extra chairs to your storm shelter, so you can ride it out together if need be.
So tell me, how do you weather your writing storms and is there someone there to ride it out with you?