Thursday, September 24, 2009


My bouncing signal bounced over the canyon 7 days ago and never came back. I kept running to my computer to read blogs, check e-mails, order invitations, do research, etc. I would get halfway to the office and realize, "Oh, I don't have an Internet connection." But I would always double check, thinking maybe my dear lost signal had found it's way home. It never did.

This morning I am happy to report my new service is up and running. I'm a little giddy from the excitement. I can't wait to catch up with everyone. I also can't wait to catch up on posts for all my blogs. They've been dancing around in my head for days, now to just find the time to write them all down!

To leave you with a little chuckle here is a little something my oldest daughter said while the family watched Star Wars Return of the Jedi the other night. My husband recorded it on his Facebook page.

Last night I found my daughters enthralled with "Return of the Jedi." They seemed to have a hard time keeping the characters straight, and I was constantly being bombarded with questions. I did my best to answer.
During one scene, the Emperor wants to demonstrate to Luke the futility of resisting the dark side of the force. In an ominous voice, the Emperor issues an order to the Death Star to destroy the rebel starship fleet:
"Commander, fire at will!"
Em pipes up, "Who is Will?"

Do you remember that scene? We really got a good laugh out of Em's question, what fun!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writing Recipe

Making A Writer

1 full cup of perseverance

a full dose of faith

a dash of courage

a snippet of creativity

a pinch of humor (mostly at oneself)

And all the Time you can find.

Mix together and let stew for as long as it takes.

Serve generous helpings to anyone that is willing.

What would you add to your recipe?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Writing and Reading, Reading and Writing

I just reread one of Jodi Thoma's novels. I do that a lot with my favorite authors. My husband keeps trying to get me to clean out the bookshelves and I just can't do it. Here's a snippet of the conversation that is ongoing:

WB: Do you need all of these books?
Me: Yes.
WB: Haven't you read them?
Me: Yes, at least a couple of times.
WB: Then why are we keeping them?
Me: Because I need them.

About this time he usually shakes his head and leaves the room. When we were first married he would continue to harass me about my books. Now after one of these discussions he might even return with an ad for some bookshelves at World Market that are on sale. Just another reason I love that man.

But seriously, I like to keep my books not only for enjoyment, but for reference. I like to see how an author transitions from chapter to chapter. How they use dialogue and how much. Do they switch points of view within a chapter or just stay in one characters point of view for an entire chapter.

Reading was my first love, the writing came after. So I love to have an excuse to curl up and just read. But now when I do read I'm also analyzing and taking notes. It's a great way to learn from your favorite authors, even if you've never met them!

Are there particular things you look for in another person's writing to help you with your own?

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 11th, I Remember

I know exactly where I was on Sept. 11, 2001. I was holding my sweet baby, my first daughter, in the kitchen of my parents home in Houston. My Dad had just left for work and my mom was already at the hospital working. My husband was over ten hours away working. I turned on the television and the picture showed a plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers. I frantically turned up the sound to hear, the news people themselves didn't know how to explain it. Minutes later another plane and then the chaos began.

I called my Dad to tell him what was happening and he told me to stay where I was he was coming home. I called my husband, as my daughter clung to me, and he got on his computer at work to try to find the news. My mother checked in with us and later my sister would call and let us know they were evacuating her office building in downtown Houston. Everyone was in a panic. We were frightened, scared of the unknown. Of what might happen next.

I would like to think all those who lost their lives on that day, in their last moments felt a peace like no other. That suddenly they knew what was going to happen next and they were ready. Ready to meet their Heavenly Maker.

My Dad sent this e-mail to me this morning. With tears running down my face, I pray for all those that were lost. The families they left behind. But most of all I pray they felt His arms around them in their last moments and that they welcomed His presence. And that those of us still here know His love.

' You say you will never forget where you were when You heard the news On September 11, 2001. Neither will I. I was on the 110th floor in a smoke filled room With a man who called his wife to say 'Good-Bye.' I Held his fingers steady as he dialed. I gave him the Peace to say, 'Honey, I am not going to make it, but it Is OK..I am ready to go.'
I was with his wife when he called as she fed Breakfast to their children. I held her up as she Tried to understand his words and as she realized He wasn't coming home that night.
I was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor when a Woman cried out to Me for help. 'I have been Knocking on the door of your heart for 50 years!' I said. 'Of course I will show you the way home - only Believe in Me now.'
I was at the base of the building with the Priest Ministering to the injured and devastated souls. I took him home to tend to his Flock in Heaven. He Heard my voice and answered.
I was on all four of those planes, in every seat, With every prayer. I was with the crew as they Were overtaken. I was in the very hearts of the Believers there, comforting and assuring them that their Faith has saved them.
I was in Texas , Virginia , California , Michigan , Afghanistan . I was standing next to you when you heard the terrible news. Did you sense Me?
I want you to know that I saw every face. I knew Every name - though not all know Me. Some met Me For the first time on the 86th floor. Some sought Me with their last breath. Some couldn't hear Me calling to them through the Smoke and flames; 'Come to Me... This way... Take My hand.' Some chose, for the final time, to ignore Me. But, I was there.
I did not place you in the Tower that day. You May not know why, but I do. However, if you were There in that explosive moment in time, would you have Reached for Me?
Sept. 11, 2001, was not the end of the journey For you . But someday your journey will end. And I Will be there for you as well. Seek Me now while I may Be found. Then, at any moment, you know you are 'ready to go.' I will be in the stairwell of your final moments.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Header and Blog Links

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about my blog makeover. Thanks to sweet Maddie at My Favorite Things. She is the oldest daughter of Mrs. Smockity over at Smockity Frocks, who at one time lived across the street from us before we all moved away. Anyway, she did my make-over and was very patient with me and never told me once that my ideas were crazy or impossible! She could have and I wouldn't have blamed her, but she didn't. Then she told me how much it would all cost and I almost fell off my chair. I asked, "Are you sure that is ALL?" All I can say folks is she is not only very polite, helpful, and intelligent but she also is very reasonable. So if you're thinking of a make-over be sure to check her out!

So by the buttons at the top of the page you can see I have three new blogs. I just feel more organized now. I should emphasize now, because in a week I may be feeling a little crazy posting to more than one blog. But I have a solution to that. I'm not going to be the only one posting on those other blogs. I will have lots of guests like WB, my girls, my mother the creative one and my sister the nutritionist/chef/triathlete. I might even rope my mother-in-law into coming over from her blog and helping out. Who know who else I can beg to help out.

Go check out my Home Grown Kids site (about homeschooling) and my Home and Garden site because they each have a give-away going on right now to celebrate all this excitement. You can just click on the button at the top of the page, thanks to Maddie and it will take you right to it!

And soon I'll have my new Internet service and blogging life will be so sweet:)

If you could add or change anything on your blog what would it be?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Winner is...

It's Wednesday. My computer still slugs along making posting difficult, but hopefully soon my new service will be up and running better than ever:)

But the good news I have to share is that I've picked two winners for my business card give-away.....


Congratulations! You are both very deserving ladies and I hope you enjoy your new cards.

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