Monday, July 30, 2007

Traveling With Kids

We just got back from our trip and we had a wonderful time! We ate too much as usual, but it sure was fun. If anyone is planning a trip to Galveston and needs to know of some off the beaten path restaurants let me know. My parents have found some really good places to eat.

I mentioned in the last post that my daughter is off on her 7 year old trip with my husbands parents. So far they have travelled to Corpus Christi, South Padre, Fredricksburg and their final stop will be San Antonio. Grandmommy will take all her grandchildren on a 7 year trip and a 12 year trip. She started this with my niece and has continued the tradition. My niece's 12 year trip was to Prague!

For this trip she made both my daughters travel boxes. She bought the clear flat plastic boxes that sit on your lap and filled them with crayons, markers, scissors, glue, stickers, all sorts of paper and a travel journal. My five year old, Soph, had fun making cards for her sister in the car after we dropped Em (7 year old) off at her grandparents. Em will come home next week and I can't wait to her about all her adventures!

I also found a handy thing to have in the car is a map highlighted with your intended route. My girls love to follow along and see which town we will be driving through next. Em used to ask, "How many more towns until we get to...?" Now she can look on her map and see for herself!

I guess now it is time to unpack and get settled:)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Galveston Island

I meant to write before I left on vacation, but time got away from me...but I did manage to get all my laundry done, pack up my three girls, get myself packed, get my two dogs ready for the dog sitter, and finish making our homemade lasagna that we will serve at our youngster's baptism in a couple of weeks. Whew, it's really too much work to go on vacation!!

We are in Galveston and the weather here is wonderful for the middle of July. My parents have a condo here and it is our get away when we come for a visit. My Dad takes the kids wherever they want to go and my Mom makes sure we come prepared with everything we need. The kids are always nice and spoiled by the time we leave. Isn't it nice to have grandparents.

My oldest is actually on a trip with my husband's parents for her seven year old trip. I'll have more on that later....

I better close for now the baby is fussy:)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Editor

For those of you who don't know, my hubby is a chemical engineer. Along with that personality type is a need for things to be just so. I'm sure in future posts I will relate to you many of these stories, but for now I will just tell you how he reacted to my blog. He found errors! I knew there would be so I had my list of excuses ready for this comment and so tonight I repeated them to him.

A. Our computer is having technical difficulties in which just getting my blog set up took the better part of the day. (might have something to do with the cheap wireless modem he installed, but I didn't mention this:) )

B. I get to work on the computer in five minute increments usually, which makes cohesion of thoughts very difficult.

C. Or I get to type one handed while nursing our three month old.

D. Did I mention the computer was acting up?!!!

So he related every misspelled word and every punctuation error and bless his sweet little heart edited my first blog entry. Go look it's all fixed now if you happened to read the post yesterday riddled with all my silly errors. He even got the computer working well enough for me to post my picture.

So I will apologize now for future errors. I'm sure to make them and my dear hubby is sure to correct them, it's just the nature of the beast. I love you honey!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Doing It!

Wow, my first blogger post! I have been inspired my those before me to start a blog, so here it goes. I am a mother of three daughters, the youngest is a mere 3 1/2 months old. I hope to use this blog to share mommy ideas, family adventures, recipes, and whatever else I find myself into.

Eskimo Kisses and Air Hugs, you ask. My seven year old daughter is fascinated with Eskimo Kisses. She loves to give them and to hypothesize (yes, I was a science teacher at one time) why they are called such. Her top two reasons are:
1. Eskimos have to rub noses because kissing on the lips may result in lip lock due to freezing.

2. Only an Eskimo's eyes and nose are visable because the rest of their faces are covered to keep them warm.

Now for air hugs. I believe a show on the Disney channel introduced my children to air hugs. Now whenever my hands are full or I can't reach my oldest on her top bunk we exchange air hugs. Simply hold out your arms and wave in hugging fashion. My five year old says the neat thing about air hugs is that you can do them from across the room.

I'm blessed that my days are filled with eskimo kisses and air hugs!