Thursday, February 12, 2009

Country Visits

The other day our neighbors rode down for a visit. Let me just say that the girls were ecstatic. Little One yelled neigh neigh from the time she saw them up the hill until they arrived in front of our house. She showed no fear or hesitation when WB lifted her up to pat the horse's nose. She fell in love instantly.

And if they were excited about seeing the horses you can imagine the response when they asked if they wanted to ride!! Umm, yes.

I love where we live. I love the fact neighbors stop by for a visit on horseback. I love that they may even leave a present behind for our garden too!!


Anonymous said...

Do I see horses on the horizon ?


Pat's Place said...

Oh, WOW! What a treat! I remember when we were keeping the girls and drove out there before you moved and saw the neighbors ride by on horseback. I was in AWE! And now you are sharing in the country atmosphere! How wonderful! I LOVE where you live also and am looking forward to our visit. My art teacher suggested that I bring paints and do some paint-sketching of the sky when I am there since I brag about your out-of-this-world skies there!!

The Fritz Facts said...

How special! I loved riding when I was their age, so freeing.

kpottlitzer said...

is scott doing the galveston tri in april? have we talked about this?

fairenuff said...

Hope everything is ok? It's been a while since you blogged. I love the photos in this post, even the 3rd one! lol.