Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obstacles or Blessings?

I've been trying to post now for a week, and one obstacle after another has gotten into my way.

First the upstairs AC is out, which makes the 105 degree temperatures outside for the last week feel cool compared to my upstairs office. My laptops Internet card broke, which means I can't sit downstairs and work. Then there has been club volleyball for the oldest. Practices and games take up three evenings a week, swim lessons for Soph, and grumpiness from the 2 year old who just got her shots fill the rest of my days. Next up was the meeting my husband had at our house for the homeowners association. I did a much needed scrubbing of the downstairs and in between running my kids around made banana pudding from scratch for the guests. Not to mention WB is still working long hours and I can't seem to get him home for two weekends in a row. That means I get to mow Cotton-Top Hills on my own. Herding has become my latest occupation. The big, brown momma cow from the ranch behind us likes to hang out in our garden. The same garden that is drying up and about to blow away. Momma cow managed to eat all the corn that was still alive though, bless her heart.

I long to sit at my computer, as a cool breeze blows past my face, and write. Write my blog, write my articles, write my stories. I want to read what everyone in the blogging world has been up to. Darn the obstacles that keep me from it.

But the other night as I lay sweltering in my bed, unable to sleep, I heard a voice telling me these weren't obstacles. I began to think about the last week and all the times I've spent with my kids. I hear their laughter, see their smiling faces, and feel little hands grabbing onto mine as we walk across the yard. The very things that were keeping me from what I wanted to do were actually blessings. Lots of little blessings wrapped up in the daily routines of life.

Someday my house will be empty for hours at a time. The pattering of feet, the girly giggles, and the cry for "Momma" will be gone. I suspect that in their absence I will have plenty of time to write. My writing will spill forth full of life. Full of the life I lived not counting obstacles, but counting blessings.


Pat's Place said...

Great perspective! Yes, those days you are having are indeed blessings and they will be gone before you know it. Cherish your time with the girls (and cows??) while you have it.

Jody Hedlund said...

They will grow up and be gone in the blink of an eye! I love the idea of counting blessings! I've been trying so hard to do that myself lately and then having my children do it whenever they're tempted to complain. It's a great way to turn the negative thoughts around!

Jessica said...

Oh Kara,
Thank you for readjusting my attitude! You're SO right! My precious little boys will be gone one day and then I'll have too much quiet.
So homemade banana pudding? Go you! And I hear you about the AC. OUrs was out yesterday and when the guy got here in the evening and fixed it, the temp. was 91. Eek.

Terri Tiffany said...

Glad to see you back on! I wondered what happened. Ugh on the no air upstairs! I would die here in a matter of minutes without it.
You sound like you have a lovely busy life:) Enjoy!

Small Town Mamma said...

Kara, your post has been so timely. You were reading my mind! I get so excited about new things I want to do, and it is so easy to be frustrated by the sticky little hands and constant calls for Mummy. But I will miss them when the kids are grown, that is for sure.

You have inspired me to write the post that has been rattling around in my head for a while, about 'having it all'. But I won't even try to write it until next nap time!

Kara said...

Pat, thanks I'm trying to cherish each moment!

Jody that is a great idea for kids. I will have to remember that next time they complain:)

Jessica, I find I have to readjust my attitude a lot when things get hectic:)

Thanks Terri!

Sasha I know. I get so excited about things then get so frustrated when I can't get to them as quickly as I'd like. We'll just have to keep reminding each other of our blessings:)

Kara said...
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Elizabeth said...

i'm tired of playing phone tag! i'm sorry but i laughed out loud when you wrote about your garden. it is sooooo nice to not have the wind. i love that i am able to go on walks with sydney in the evenings without fears of her being blown away. i am just going to keep on having kids so i won't have an empty house.