Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bouncing Signals

My Internet access has been spotty. I've been told I have a bouncing signal. The Internet connection out here in no man's land is actually coming from a satellite signal that is bouncing off one of the canyon walls around my house. I'm really outside of the service area. They've upgraded their modem and somehow that makes my connection worse. I'm not really sure how to explain that, but that is how it is. They will be out in 1 months time to see what can be done if anything.

It would be so easy to get irritated by this whole situation, except for one thing. I moved out to the country for a more relaxed life. I wanted to be near civilization, but far enough away to not have it breathing down my neck. To take in the fresh air, not worry about my kids riding their bikes in the street, and give my entire family plenty of room to explore.

Nature inspires me. Stories seem to come easier when my mind is not cluttered with the next door neighbors eclectic collection of "yard art" staring me in the face as I gaze out the window. We don't get many unexpected visitors so I'm free to daydream and write at leisure when time permits.

And honestly, bouncing signals seems to be a way of life for me. Ideas bounce around in my head on a daily basis from lesson plans for my home school adventure to fixing up the house to plot ideas for books. Never holding still, just bouncing. So how can I complain about a little old thing like a satellite signal doing the same thing? I can't really. Maybe this is just my chance to drift a little further from civilization as I go about my daily activities. Who knows I might even get something done.

So I'll be here whenever the signal bounces in my favor. If you don't hear from me for awhile you can just imagine my signal bouncing freely in the wind, just like I'm tempted to do time from time!

What do you do when you find yourself stuck without your connection to civilization?


Eileen Astels Watson said...

I find myself inconvenienced, that's what I do. But you're absolutely right, we need to just enjoy and get the most out of those quieter internet times. I live in the country too for the same reason as you. Love it! Even with the neighbouring pig farm scent on clean-out days.

Aimee said...

I hate when we don't have internet access...its seems I always really need it then! It does play too big of a part in our lives sometimes though!

I have a neighbor with an ecclectic collection of "yard art" too! We REALLY want to move away from them. Your place looks nice with no neighbors nearby. I'd like something like that but in the middle of the city! I grew up in the country and I didn't like it. I insist on living inside of the city limits now!

Amy said...

You know, after having NO internet for a while here and there, I have decided a slightly unreliable signal is definitely better than nothing at all! Glad you're enjoying the peacefulness of the country! :)

Jody Hedlund said...

Ah, very good perspective on the poor internet connection! Never heard anyone describe the frustration in such a positive and uplifting way!

Terri Tiffany said...

I like that you are making the most of a situation that could drive some crazy! when I'm disconnected from civilization like I think I am at least a few days a week, it gives me time to think and really focus on what counts.

Jessica said...

LOL Even Tigger knows bouncing is great. :-) I'm sorry for the messed up signal but glad you're so optimistic and have your priorities straight. :-)
I don't like being disconnected, but if it happens I hope I'd be as graceful about it as you are. :-)

Pat's Place said...

Sounds like you have really become a Panhandle girl when you talk about the wind like that. I think the wind gets into your blood when you live there long enough and you never lose that feeling of blowing freely in the wind when you leave. And bouncing signals might just be a part of that whole Panhandle experience!!

Jill Kemerer said...

Sometimes I just sigh in relief when I'm away from civilization. Downtime is so precious.

Nancy said...

I can feel your pain. I just got my new cable and can finally do the blogging I want at home and not at the library. I love the out of the way places, even the lonely places as long as I have at least one other person with me. Your situaation sounds ideal and well worth the inconvenience. Will be excited to hear from you when you get it fixed.

Kara said...

Oh, I'm not sure I'm always graceful about it...sometimes I whine a little:)

Eileen we get the stockyard scent at times, no pigs just cows, so I can imagine!

Ruby in Montreal said...

Beautiful site, and nice take on the whole internet service issue.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you found the info useful!

Best of luck with new adventure, and please let me know how things are going :)