Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank You

First of all I wanted to let you all know we finally got in with the cardiologist. Little One has some extra beats and a murmur. She wore a halter for 24 hours and did such a good job through the whole process, she was such a trooper. We don't have the results back, but the doctor really felt all would be fine and we'd just monitor her yearly. The doctor and his team were wonderful and I felt all your prayers as the appointment went smoothly for us all. I just want to thank you for being with us through this, your prayers are powerful!

Next I'd like to wish each of you a very blessed holiday season. I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs during the holidays. Thank you for being my blogging friends, you are true blessings.

I'd like to share this from Soph....

It's hard to read but the scripture is Luke 2:11-14.

Merry Christmas!


Janna Qualman said...

Merry Christmas! Such good news about your little one. I hope all continues to go well. Blessings!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad she's okay. What a cute pic! :-)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Warren Baldwin said...

I guess I haven't followed enough to know what is going on with your daughter. I'm glad she is ok but sorry she had to go through the testing. Praying for her!

Merry Christmas to your family! wb

Nancy said...

Glad to know things are going to be all right with your daughter. Just wanted to say Merry, Merry Christmas. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well with Little One.
Sounds like a good time was had by all with the Flathouse family.
Merry Christmas.
cathy v

Jill Kemerer said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad your little girl is okay. We went through something similar five years ago. And the picture is so sweet!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Merry Belated Christmas, Kara.

I've had such a difficult time getting your posts to show up on my processor. Guess the bug has travelled from yours to Erica Vetchs posts now. Today I can see yours but not hers.

I'm glad to hear your little one's condition isn't serious. That is scary. My youngest had a murmer at birth. She grew out of it, thankfully. Lifting continued prayers for you and yours, Kara.