Sunday, May 9, 2010

Being A Mom



Here’s the lady that inspired me to become the mother I am today.  Yep, that’s my momma.  Just by looking at this picture you already know some things about her.  One she is beautiful, and she is just as beautiful on the inside.  Two, she dedicated her life to helping others.  Third, knowing the first two you know she must be a very caring person.  And she is.

She taught me life lessons with quiet affirmations, gentle nudges, and a calm demeanor.  She made childhood fun with her love of learning. Whether we were taking trips to visit Gettysburg or learning to macramé or pickling cucumbers from the garden, she always kept us entertained.

She taught my sister and I that blood is indeed thicker than water. That our sisterly spats were passing, but that sisterly love would carry us through our lives.  She wished us to hold on to each other, and to lift each other up.  And we have.

She taught us about God through her quiet faith, gentle reminders, and never-ending patience. 

I knew when I became a mom I had much to live up to.  I also knew she would only be a phone call away whenever I needed her.  And she is.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  I love you!


Mom, Emma, Sophie and I taken five years ago.


Aimee said...

very sweet! Happy Mother's Day to you, Kara!

Pat's Place said...

You do have a marvelous mom! Happy Mother's Day to her also!

Kara said...

Thanks! Happy Mother's Day to you both:)

Jill Kemerer said...

Beautiful thoughts. Happy Mother's DAy!

Nancy said...

What a nice tribute. Your mom is beautiful.

Kara said...

Thank you everyone!

Kara said...

Thank you everyone!

Warren Baldwin said...

Wonderful testimony to a wonderful mom.