Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Rewards and an Award

DSC03680 I’m all about rewarding oneself for accomplishments and good behavior.  We try to work on a reward system around the house for tasks completed.  Whether it be schoolwork or housework, it always seems a little more fun if we know when we are finished we have something to look forward too.

Now, don’t get me wrong I strongly believe in being intrinsically motivated to finish a task as well.  Giving yourself a high five for finishing that last chapter or revising it yet again.  But I have to admit it isn’t bad to know that when you finish that chapter you’re going to indulge, in say, some chocolate dipped strawberries.

Right now I am plodding my way through several craft writing  books and doing some exercises they suggest along the way.  It can be tedious, especially when I am trying to keep my kids busy, stay on top of  housework and entertain guests.  I’ve found that if I put in several hours of domestic duties during the day I can reward myself with writing/reading time in the evening.  So sometimes my reward IS writing.

What are some ways you like to reward yourself for tasks completed, especially writing ones?

Getting an award is just as fun as getting rewards. So I was thrilled when blogging buddy Jill Kemerer gave me this award!


Thank you very much Jill.  I love reading Jill’s blog, so I’m happy to think we are soulmates:) 

Instead of passing this on to just a few of you I’d like to give it to all of my blogging friends.  I think since we are all on this writing journey together we share many common goals and interests, like soulmates. 

So please accept this award and go eat some chocolate covered strawberries as a reward for being such a great writer!


Jessica Nelson said...

Awww, that's a great award! Congrats. ;)
As for rewards, hmmmm, I give myself lots of them. lol

T. Anne said...

OMGosh this is a great looking award! Congrats to you and thanx from me! I did just finish editing my WIP for the umpteenth time and I really sort of want a treat but I'm too cheap to pull the trigger. Typical mom.

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks Kara! And congratulations to you.

Kara said...

Your welcome everyone:) T.Anne, I hear ya;)

Terri Tiffany said...

Since I'm allergic to strawberries how I about I reward myself with some angel food cake:)) Thank you@@

Jennifer Shirk said...

I love that award. Congrats!
And I'll definitely take the strawberries too!

Tahereh said...

awww such a fun post!!

also: i have to tell you, i LOVE your header! what a gorgeous photo!!

Nancy said...

That is truly a lovely award. As for rewards, I nearly always reward myself with reading time or eating time, or both. I'm trying to be careful of the eating right now, though. Thank goodness reading isn't fattening or I'd be obese.

Jill Kemerer said...

I rewarded myself with a Dove chocolate bar last week--yum! Those strawberries look divine!