Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On My Table Today

I’m in Houston at my parent’s house trying to heal from my surgery and trying to take my mind off things.  If I stay busy it is easier to ignore the twinges of pain, the incessant pounding in my ear as it tries to heal.  I seek refuge in one of my favorite rooms in my parent’s house.

IMG_0330[1] This room used to be the back porch, but a remodel several years ago turned it into a sunroom.  The big windows let in lots of light and offer views of my mom’s flower beds.  The room is furnished in antiques. Like this light that used to hang in my Grandmother’s house. IMG_0327[1] The room also holds all my mother’s sewing tools and inspirations. 

IMG_0331[1] In this room I can imagine the beautiful fabrics and threads weaving into anything my mind can conjure.

I’m better at imaging then creating, but I try.  Under my mom’s guidance I’m able to sew dresses, drapes, and whatever project catches my eye at the fabric store.  By myself, I tend to be a disaster. I know just enough to get myself into trouble, but not out of it.

Today I busy myself with the beautiful advent count-down wall hanging I saw at the store yesterday.

IMG_0332[1] All these figures will complete the nativity.


Today I am cutting each one out with a felt backing. 


And as I work with my hands, I am comforted. I’m wrapped in the warm glow of my Grandmother Nano’s light. And here I find a few moments peace.

Do you have a favorite room to be creative in?


T. Anne said...

Love your parents sunroom! We're putting in for permits to build one for ourselves and I cannot wait to have the extra space!!! The quilt looks SO cute! What a nice way to keep busy while you recover!

Janna Qualman said...

Such a lovely room!

Wishing you well and praying, Kara.

Pat's Place said...

My favorite room has always been my kitchen and the counter that was the place where so many of our family activities took place: cooking, studies, games, crafts, art, pine wood derby construction, high chairs, baby food, stools, grandchildren, chairs, family gatherings. Lots of memories. Now the counter is stored in the barn and is waiting to be installed in my new art room along with the memories...

Terri Tiffany said...

I love this room! My favorite is my living room where I can look out the door and see the yard and all. Heal up!

Jessica Nelson said...

No favorite room but I like yours! I hope you're still recovering well. Have fun with that sewing.