Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I’m beginning to understand how Beatrix Potter felt

Beatrix Potter spent a great deal of her life isolated and in the country, so it is not too much of a surprise that the object of her stories were animals. Some days I feel a kinship with Beatrix, and not just because she eventually lived at Hill Top Farm and I at Cotton-Top Hills. It’s because the longer I live here, on the verge of civilization, I realize that wildlife can take on its on personality.

Now Beatrix could draw, not me, but I can take pictures. Beatrix could write stories, and I’d like to think I can churn out a few of those myself. I’m not as isolated as Beatrix because I usually have my posse with me, my three children. And occasionally my sweet husband shows up, when work isn’t demanding his attention 24/7. But there are some similarities, because we tend to name our critters around here too.

Let me introduce you to my cast of characters:

george 2

This is George the roadrunner. He is very curious in nature, which made naming him easy. When I was pregnant with Little One he would visit almost daily and rap on my front door with his beak. He is a very gregarious fellow and always on the move. He is the head of the welcome wagon around these parts.

hawk Red is a lofty guy. He spends many afternoon soaring above, but sometimes he’ll find a perch on one of the dead trees by the dried river bed. He always knows what is going on and is known as the town gossip.

cow2 This is Bunny, she isn’t really a resident of Cotton-Top Hills, but she shows up with her friends every once in awhile. She likes to throw her weight around and make sure she is seen.

moose deerMoose, he’s a dear fellow. He’s quiet, stately, and considered our patriarch.

But every town has it’s outlaws. Here is one of ours, he’s wanted around these parts.

baby rattler That’s Fang, and she’s the youngest member of the Diamondback gang.

But luckily for us we have a Sheriff here, and he is always on the lookout for Fang and her gang.


That’s just an introduction to my cast of characters. There are many more citizens of Cotton-Top Hills I’d like for you to meet. I’ll have to arrange some sort of meet and greet for you all to get to know them. Check back on Thursday and I’ll see what I can do.

Until then, you might want to check out the series by Susan Albert titled The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter. I met Susan through my mother-in-law and have attended many writing conferences and workshops with her. She’s a wonderful writer and I think you would enjoy her books.

Do you have any favorite characters that hang around your place?


Aimee said...

We name our little critters too! We are in the middle of the city, but we have so many at this house. I guess its because there are a lot of trees and we are pretty close to the lake. We don't have any rattlesnakes or deer though. :)

Jill Kemerer said...

I'm a sap for anything outdoors and country. These pictures are awesome! And I love how you gave each a name and personality. By the way, I've never seen a roadrunner before. I had no idea they were so outgoing!

Kara said...

Aimee, not having rattlesnakes would be a plus in my book. But it is amazing how whether we are in the city or country we have plenty of critters:)
Jill, I am too. I take such inspiration from my surroundings. And, yes, roadrunners are very curious about everything making them very friendly!

Anonymous said...

Love your discriptions of your critters. I think I've met all of them except Fang.

Kara said...

Be glad Dad, although Fang wasn't half as bad as her momma!

Kara said...

Be glad Dad, although Fang wasn't half as bad as her momma!

Pat's Place said...

We also name our visitors. We have Bossy Mama, Little Mama, the girls, and we used to have our own patriarch, Broken-Legged Buck, but he passed on (in front of our house) last year. We also had Bush Buck who liked to push through the bushes in front of our house to look into the bedroom the summer I was in bed after my hip replacement. I haven't seen him this year--hope he wasn't a casualty on the road somewhere.

Nancy said...

Love your critters. The roadrunner is my favorite. Such activity you have around there. Your children must be fascinated.