Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Award and 7 Little Known Facts About Moi

Another blast of winter blew through last night bringing bitter cold, snow, and lots of wind. It was nice to snuggle in with the girls and watch movies and go to bed early! Today the snow drifts are 4 to 5 feet in some places while leaving some bare brown spots of grass in others.
All this makes me want to hibernate. In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of eating and sleeping. When warmer weather  finally arrives I have a feeling I will be working off my winter “layer”. Of course, this is a great climate for writing and I’m thankful for that.
In other news, I received an award from two of my blogging friends. Thank you, I am honored.
Nancy at Boomers, Scribblers and Saints is a sweet blogging friend who shares with us her faith, writing, and family. I love reading her insights and what she has been up to.

Kittee at Running Half Crazy shares with us her life as a runner. She runs half marathons and has a full one on her schedule for next year. She inspires and keeps it real. Kittee lives in the little town I moved to right after WB and I were married. She is truly an amazing person and a sweet friend.

Now the rules say I must tell you 7 things about myself. Hmm, what could I say that I haven’t already shared???
1. Someday I want to visit Scotland. The rolling green landscapes, castles and legends are a writers dream. It is also my secret desire to have my husband wear a kilt while we are there and toss around a few logs.

2. I have herded cows on a John Deer Green lawn mower with a 1 year old on my lap. They were trampling on my garden which was unacceptable.

3. I get irritated when I see men in shiny, Nile crocodile, Teju Lizardish boots. Pleeeeaaaasssseee, give me a man in some manure caked, scuffed up pair of  cowhide leather boots. The ones where the soles are worn down from taking his sweetheart for a spin on the dance floor every Friday night.
4. I could live in soft white cotton t-shirts and my favorite pair of jeans. My daughters on the other hand have recorded every episode of  What Not To Wear and force me to watch.

5. I am living proof of God’s never-ending patience, love, and understanding. Just ask my husband.
6. My children provide endless hours of joy. Sometimes it’s the I- want –to- pull- my- hair out kind and sometimes it’s the I- want- to- keep –you –like- this –forever- kind.

7. As I began this blog talking about the snowstorm I can now say I’ve survived a tornado in a hotel room with 3 small children AND a blizzard with those same 3 children, all ALONE. Obviously, my husband has an aversion to natural disasters because he’s never around when they happen. Or at least it seems that way.

The rules say to pass this on to 7 stylish bloggers. But, I think everyone who visits here is a stylish blogger. So I give you this award. Okay, you are right. Partly it is my inability to pick just 7 and then not feel guilty for the ones I didn’t pick. So if you are new here, check out those that comment on my blog. Those are the really styling ones!!

I’d love for you to tell me something I might not know about you!

*My sweet husband would like to point out (check comment section) that he was here for the extreme cold temps we had last week and stayed home from work one day. Yes, honey you were, sorry. I direct you to number 5 once again:)


Wendy Paine Miller said...

Oh I say we hibernate together and then travel to Scotland. ;)

And I'm all about the T-shirt, but instead of jeans I'd opt for soft pants.

Hmm. Something you don't know...when I was away at a soccer tournament I got trapped in the hotel elevator b/c I pushed too many buttons in third grade.

Terri Tiffany said...

I love What not to Wear! Too funny! And you are one brave woman to go through storms like that alone:) Your children will remember Mom being there for them:) Even if Dad lucked out and was elsewhere.
So do you live on a ranch? I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Not fair. I was with you for the blizzard last week. Didn't even go to work.

Kara said...

Thanks Terri:) No, I don't live on a ranch but two sides of our property line up to ranch land. The girls think the cows are theirs:) We get the feel of being on a ranch without the work!
Wendy,it's a deal, I'll start packing:) And I would have gone into panic mode on the elevator. I'm terrified of getting stuck in one!

WB, yes you are right. I have amended the above post just for you;)

Cassandra Frear said...

I almost lost one of my children in a snow drift.

That's why I like #7 !!

Hugs. Hang in there. Spring is coming.

Nancy said...

Wow, 5' is a lot of snow. I won't complain so much now. I, too, would love to go to Scotland. It's a dream I've had for a long time. I love "What Not To Wear." I threw out too many of my clothes because of that show. That's something you didn't know.

Jenny said...

Fun facts. I found myself nodding in agreement.

I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. Please stop by and return the favor.

Zanoni said...

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