Friday, May 18, 2012

Asparagus with Lemon Zest and Pine Nuts


My mom has always been wonderful about buying in-season, local foods. She was hip, before hip was cool.

As a kid we’d eat fresh vegetables either out of our garden or someone else's. And when spring rolled around there were always plenty of asparagus to go around. Mom would generally steam the stalks just long enough for them to turn a bright green, then she would drizzle with butter and toasted bread crumbs. Yum!

Did you know that the proper way to eat asparagus stalks is with your fingers? Yes siree Bob. I learned this little tid bit from Elizabeth Taylor. I’m not sure what the interview was about or why asparagus came up, but she taught me that it was okay to use my fingers. And as a kid, that was just one more plus for the green veggie. So whether you are at a fine dining establishment or sitting around your family dinner table you can use your fingers. Now if the stalks are not firm, or cut into pieces in a messy sauce, I’d advise you to use your fork, but otherwise dig on in with your hands.

Soph made the above asparagus one night as a side to some yummy turkey meatballs that Em made. Okay, I’ll admit it I cooked nothing. I sipped my wine and watched my girls do their thing and thought, “You are one lucky lady to have not one, but three awesome daughters who like to cook.”  I pretty sure I cleaned the dishes, but the dinner was so wonderful I didn’t mind that one bit.

Sophie’s Asparagus

Line a cookie sheet with foil. Set the oven temp to 350. After rinsing asparagus pat dry and lay in one layer on cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil, or if you have it Meyer Lemon Olive Oil (this to me is heavenly). You can pour some oil into a bowl and brush it on if you want a more even coating. Sprinkle with pine nuts (a handful) and zest some lemon peel over the top. Place in the oven for about 8 to 12 minutes. You want to take it out as it turns a bright green. The stalks should be somewhat firm, but not hard.



So easy, and so good. Next week I’ll give you the recipe for Em’s turkey meatballs. They were melt in your mouth good.

This dinner received 4 smiles. We are working on the five year old, that for some reason won’t even look at asparagus. She doesn’t want to talk about it, so I don’t ask.

What is your favorite way to eat asparagus?


The Conflicted Chef


Coleen Patrick said...

We love to eat asparagus roasted--and my husband likes to add sesame seeds.
Your asparagus photo is making me hungry--yum.

Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

I'm going to try this, Kara. It's a three-fer as I love asparagus, pine nuts, and lemon anything. Oh, and I'm going to hunt down Meyer Lemon Olive Oil.

Karen McFarland said...

Kara, I love your recipe girl! Well I love asparagus. And now I have a delicious new way of fixing it! Easy too! You're genious. Really! Thank you! Bon Apetite! :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog ! sound delicious !

Nancy said...

Yours dish looks so good, but I have tried asparagus several times and I am with your five year old. I did not know that you eat this vegetable with the fingers. Also, how blessed you are to have three daughters who love to cook. My two sons and daughter do also. I am nearly a non-cook, so I lucked out.