Friday, May 8, 2009

It's May Already?

Where does the time go? I last posted in April and here it is already May! I had every intention of posting several times between the end of April and now, and well I had issues. First my WFMW post was all about a picture, a picture that mysteriously disappeared from my camera. Quick call to Mom and she found she had it on her computer, but it wouldn't let her send it to me. Is anyone thinking conspiracy? I heard that...did someone call me paranoid? Not me!

Then I wrote a new post in my head while cleaning my house frantically before my parents visit, while watching my daughter at her track meet, while driving get the idea. But I never actually sat down to type them onto the computer. Could someone design a device that would just take the thoughts from my head and automatically post them to my blog? That would be very handy.

Then I retrieved my picture from my mom's computer and went to post my WFMW post this week and guess what? It was a frugal theme and my post was not about frugality! Darn. And no time to write a frugal post because I spent all my time trying to get my wireless connection to work.

Well, and here I am. I should be in bed, but instead I am writing this post that I hadn't even planned, but am determined to do because I can't stand to see that I have no posts listed under May! Okay, I'm finished. But as soon as I get some sleep and actually get on the computer and it works, I have news. Some big news! Some news that will change our lives here at Cotton-Top Hills. I just can't wait to share it. Be back soon I promise, unless my conspiracy theory is right and someone out there is trying to keep me from blogging. In that case, it might be awhile.


Pat's Place said...

Blogging!!?? Take it as it comes. I have blogs on my list that post every day and some that post about once a month. I still enjoy them when I get a new bit of information from them--like a visit from an old friend. Life catches us up sometimes and that is the time to just go with the flow and focus on your family--the most important job you have now.

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

This made me smile - some days I feel like life is totally passing by in a flash, and suddenly I realise I haven't done anything today that didn't involve baby chuck, dirty nappies or squished banana!