Monday, January 11, 2010

What A Whirlwind...

I'm back home and amazed by all we've done in the last 2 weeks. Our Christmas was wonderful here at home with just us. We enjoyed a few moments of quiet between my husbands crazy work schedule recently and weekend quick trips. We headed to Houston to see my family for a late Christmas celebration, which was very nice.
On the heels of that celebration WB celebrated his 40th birthday! His parents came in from Austin, his youngest brother and family came in from Victoria and my mother made yummy spaghetti pie for dinner.
We had such fun with everyone, but before we came back home WB and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. My parents took the kids to the beach for a few frigid days while WB and I visited Messina Hoff winery near College Station. We had the bed and breakfast villa to ourselves and it was lovely. It was the first time ever to be away from Little One, but she had a great time with my parents, so all was well. WB and I had a wonderful time just worrying about us and enjoying each others company without any interruptions.
Now we are home and I'm nursing a ruptured eardrum, wishing my house was clean, and my husband's job would slow down enough so we actually saw him during waking hours. But that's life. I'm just glad we had the time we did to slow down and have fun as a family. Those are the moments I treasure.
Any secrets you'd like to share on settling down into a routine after the holidays? I'm very open to suggestions:)


Terri Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry about your ear! Does it hurt badly?
But so glad you got away with your husband alone. We used to do that occasionally when my daughter was growing up. I think it is why we are still together today:))

Kara said...

Teri, thank you. The pain is mostly before it ruptures. Once it does it releases the pressure and it feels so much better:)
I agree getting away with your husband is a wonderful way to keep the marriage alive!

Warren Baldwin said...

Kara - sorry about the ear.

About getting back into the routine after Christmas - I used to get down after Christmas. Your sprits go so high then kind of slam down.

Can still happen, but I remind myself that without the routine, we wouldn't 1) have the finances and stability to enjoy the holidays and 2) wouldn't be able to enjoy the holidays so intensely. It also hopes to remember that few places in the world can afford (with finances or time off) to enjoy Christmas time as much as we do in America. We are blessed! These ideas have served me well for several years now comes Jan. 2.

Jody Hedlund said...

Welcome home, Kara! I think settling into routine always takes time. I just lower my expectations from everyone for a few days, and then ease back into life!

P.S. Signed up to follow you on Twitter!