Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When The Holiday Crush Leaves You Smooshed


I really do love this time of year. Really. The hustle and bustle of all the Christmas activities, not to mention my husband and I both celebrate a birthday during December. Mine at the beginning, his at the end. It’s a month of celebrations. It’s a month of joyous reflections.

There is always a frenzy of activities going on in our kitchen as we spend hours baking bourbon balls, toffee, Mexican Wedding cookies and Lebkuchen. Powdered sugar and smears of chocolate can be found from countertop to ceiling to the tip of my 4 year olds nose. But, we hurry to clean it all up so we can race to one of the many holiday parties our treats are needed for.

Later, we find ourselves scouring the wish lists of our loved ones as we set out on a shopping expedition. We get crushed in the crowds of others, all looking for that elusive gift. We rush home to yards of wrapping paper and make pretty crooked Christmas bows. Some get boxed up and sent to the post office, at the last moment, to wait in the incredibly long line of other procrastinators. The holiday cheer is usually felt in abundance in these long lines of people juggling packages and tired children.

At home are tangled Christmas lights, a tree struggling with the weight of all the ornaments the sweet 4 year old has hung on one branch, and a fireplace that is undergoing a remodel. A remodel that stretches to my sunrooms floor. Ahh, the spirit of Christmas.

It is a month of anticipation. A month of glad tidings. It is a month that will leave you feeling smooshed under the weight of all that holiday cheer if you’re not careful.

You need to remember to just sit in front of a roaring fire and put your feet up. Listen to your favorite holiday music, or better yet snuggle down with a good story. Which I did by the way, yesterday in fact, while the boxes of unpacked Christmas d├ęcor waited nearby. It gave me all those warm fuzzies the Christmas season is supposed to leave you with. It inflated my smooshed spirit. And thanks to my friend, Emily  Ann Benedict, you can download her story as well, for free! It’s titled Father Christmas. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a treat. Cozy up to the fire with this heart warming tale, that is sure to put the Christmas spirit back into your tired, worn out body.

Download here to inflate your sagging Christmas energy.

What do you do to help keep your holiday spirit from sagging?


Wendy Paine Miller said...

Laugh in the small moments. Keep working out. Bringing conversation of God into our lives.

~ Wendy

Jessica Nelson said...

Well, I'm def. not as busy as you! LOL I put up the tree and decorations and that's about it. This girl don't bake. Heh.
But maybe this year I'll try something...hmmm. No parties either, so my Christmases are usually pretty easygoing and I like them that way. :-) Hope you have a wonderful season!!

Terri Tiffany said...

Your Christmas month sounds awesome!! Our Christmas will be quiet this year as it is just the two of us so I will enjoy the moment and the meaning.

Emma Burcart said...

My favorite part of Christmas is getting a peppermint mocha and strolling thorugh the decorated mall with my bestie. It's like ultimate girl time! I do love buying presents for the ones I love, but even if I leave empty handed I just enjoy the experience. SO fun!

Aimee said...

Glad I'm not the only one with sagging holiday spirit! It seems like everything I've tried to do this year has gone wrong! I think its just because I'm easily annoyed with retailers!

I'm trying to stay at home more...a little more relaxation and calm family time is what I need! And I love Christmas movies...watched It's a Wonderful Life the other night and tonight is my favorite...Christmas Vacation!

Kara said...

Wendy, I love your advice. I'm trying hard to keep working out and laughing,even when I feel like crying:)
Jessica, I like quiet Christmas's. In fact, once we started homeschooling I was amazed my how much less stress I had- no school holiday parties, fundraisers etc to worry about. Less is more!
Terri, it will be a beautiful Christmas with just the two of you in your new place:)

Emma, that sounds like a wonderful time. I could go for that kind of shopping!
Aimee, I know it gets so crazy out there. Another reason I just want to disappear to that cabin for the whole month:)

Marcy Kennedy said...

For me, I keep the joy by focusing on finding gifts for my loved ones that I know will really delight them. I know Christmas isn't about the presents (not really), but I find a lot of joy in the hunt for that perfect gift and seeing the pleasure it brings to the people closest to me.

Nancy said...

I love that you have such a variety of nationalities for your cookies.

I try to listen to music and rest in front of my tree for a few moments. That takes the stress off pretty well.

Louise Behiel said...

My christmases aren't crazy anymore - they used to be when I had kids at home and an active social life. But the kids are grown and gone and I have made a conscious choice to slow down my pace and enjoy the moments more. It's great. thanks for the reminder as I sit here reading blogs, all my christmas decorations sitting around me, waiting for the tree to be put up and decorated. it's all good

and Emma, I'm with you - walking thru a mall with nothing to buy is a treat at this time of year. I love to do that nearer to Christmas so i can really enjoy.

Lisa Hall-Wilson said...

A mug of hot chocolate, sitting in a dark room with only the Christmas tree lights on, watching the snow fall outside the front window - a little Jazz or classic Bing on the laptop speakers. Best moment of the day :)