Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It’s Not About Me

One of the mantras I have adopted for this new year is “It’s not about me”. My mom and I were having a conversation around the first of this year and she was recalling a homily the priest at her church had given. She spoke these words and I immediately latched onto them. It was just what I need to be reminded of, just what I needed to hear at that moment. Moms are good that way.

How many times do we plow through life and our sole focus is on ourselves? We become consumed with someone’s rude remark towards us. We worry that we aren’t getting all the “things” we deserve and then moan and complain to anyone who will listen. We’re jealous when someone else succeeds in an area we are desperately trying to master. We find ourselves upset when we don’t get all the credit we think we deserve. Me, Me, Me.

It’s so easy to forget, or maybe just ignore, but this life isn’t about us. Crazy concept, huh? It’s taken me almost 40 years to realize that my faith tells me that we are just one person in a huge family, or if you like sports like I do, part of team.

Think about it, what do we really accomplish alone? In our professional life we have a team of people that lift us up, get us through, and support us. My writing friends are amazing this way. Everyday they get online to help, guide, or encourage other writers. Writers that are hoping to sell books, writers whose novel might sit right next to yours on a shelf. Doesn’t matter to the writing family, because they know that for individual success they need to support the group as a whole first. And if their book sells more then yours, it’s okay because their success becomes yours.  You are a team.

Which brings me to the move Miracle, about the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team. In one part of the movie Coach Brooks is fed up with his players. Their focus is not on working together as a team, but rather on themselves. My favorite line is when Coach tells his players:

“When you pull on that jersey you represent yourself and your teammates. And the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back!”

I play on a lot of teams, writing team, friend team, my family team to name just a few. But my all encompassing team is my Faith Team. My jersey reads Flathouse on the back and God on the front. Yep, my team is God’s team and I’m not talking about the Dallas Cowboys. I  play for the man upstairs, and my teammates are all of God’s children. We’re a pretty impressive team, especially when we work together and remember we’re not the only player on it.

And when we forget, maybe we need to be put through this little reminder drill.

And the homily that inspired this post can be found here.

Have you seen the movie Miracle? What would your jersey say?


LynNerdKelley said...

I haven't seen that movie yet, but it sounds like one that I'd love. And your post says it all. People who focus on caring for others and giving of themselves are much happier than people who dwell on themselves.

Kara said...

I think you would like it! I keep imagining what the world would be like if we all could live this way every day:)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I love that movie! we have it on DVD.
Yes, it's so true it's always about ME. And when I think like that, I get into trouble.
Good reminder. :-)