Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wildflowers In Texas And A Give Away!

This weekend we headed towards the hill country. It’s where my husband grew up and his parents still live. It is also one of my favorite places, especially in the spring when the Bluebonnets and all the wildflowers are blooming. We love to travel off the main route, leave the highways behind and meander down the back roads. I feel so at home on these winding country roads spotted with old barns, churches that were built over a 100 years ago, and the occasional deer bounding across your path.


WB is a an engineer by day. He works in absolutes, chemical equations, numbers, and solid lines. But when you put a camera in his hand, or a wood-working tool, or a sketch pad suddenly he is transformed into this artistic being. He has an artistic eye that has been honed by his analytical self. The combination of the two are quite impressive, if not a little odd.

So as we meandered down these back roads , WB took beautiful pictures of the wildflowers. My children and 16 year old dog patiently rode along and didn’t complain too much that the 2 1/2 hour trip that turned into a 4 hour one. After all, WB had taken a sabbatical of sorts from the photography world soon after my second was born. Cameras and lenses are expensive, and the time you put into taking and editing photos is time consuming. He used his artistic talents in other ways and sold his lenses to pay for things like braces, and music lessons.


I’d love for you to go check out his photography blog and look at some of the fabulous pictures from this weekend. If you’ve never been to Texas in the spring you are in for a real treat. And just to sweeten the deal go look and come back here and tell me one of your favorite pictures. Your comment will enter you into a drawing to receive a free  8 X 10 canvas wrapped wildflower photo taken by my husband, photographer extraordinaire! Did I tell you he’s had his work published in magazines? Yep he has, being a writer I get really excited telling people he is a published photographer. I’m not sure he gets as giddy about it, in fact he may be embarrassed I even mentioned it. Sorry, hon.

The two links to his two posts on the wildflowers are here and here.

Okay, here’s how to enter the contest:

  • Go to Scott’s website and come back here and tell me your favorite photo. (1 entry)
  • Leave a comment on his blog, he would love that. ( 1 entry)
  • Tweet it, just let me know you did in your comment. (1 entry)
  • Share on FB, again let me know you did. (1 entry)

If you leave a comment as anonymous, because you don’t have an account, just make sure I know who you are and have a way to get in touch with you. If you have any problems leaving comments send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out.

The contest will end next Monday at 8:00 am. Good luck and thanks for supporting WB!

Do you have a favorite wildflower and what grows in your area?


Terri Tiffany said...

Kara, He is really good! I love the cow with the baby best! But all of them are wonderful-- I saw my first bluebonnets (is that what they are?) the other day.I think Curt and I need to take a ride to the hill country too. I will post this on FB!

Marcy Kennedy said...

I love the one with the dirt road off to the left and the field of wildflowers to the right. It just looks so peaceful. And I love your new background here. I'll be tweeting :)

Kara said...

Thanks Marcy and Tiffany! I will put in your entries:) Terri, I was wondering if you had ever seen them before!

Pat's Place said...

Can I enter?? I love the one with the field, the barn and the wonderful clouds!!

Coleen Patrick said...

They are all beautiful Kara--and I like the new look of your site :)
If I was going to pick one, then it would be the one of the cow frolicking!
I left a comment on his blog and shared on FB. I'm off to tweet now!

Kara said...

Thank you Coleen! I love the cow one too:) thanks for noticing the switch up of my blog- trying to change things up a bit!
Pat, you sure can enter!

Emma Burcart said...

Kara, I love the new layout of this site! It is beautiful and so easy to read. And those flowers in the background almost make me forget it's snowing in March!

Kara said...

Thanks Emma! I like it much better too. Still working on things, but slowly getting there:) I remember snow in March, but not here in Houston!

Ginger Calem said...

Hi Kara, Love the pics. I've checked out Scott's photos before through your blog. Really love what he captures!

Ok, since I love them so much, I'm totally in for this give-away! :) I've done all the steps and my favorite pic is the last one on page 2, with the corner of a stone wall. That one resonated with me immediately!

Jessica Nelson said...

I love the pics of your girls in the flowers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kara, love your blog and love Scott's photos....I left a message for him on his blog. My favorite on his blog is the pic with the cactus and the bluebonnets, but my FAVORITE pic is the one at the top of your blog of all bluebonnets - either would look GREAT in my house! I am @grannylu on twitter and will tweet in just a minute,k haven't done that in awhile, so it may take me awhile to figure it out again - AND I shared your post on my FB page - yay! lots of entries for me!! Miss your sweet family but love keeping up with you on FB!!

Luain Packard said...

meant to put my name on there - anonymous is ME!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography! And congrats to his being published!