Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Doing It!

Wow, my first blogger post! I have been inspired my those before me to start a blog, so here it goes. I am a mother of three daughters, the youngest is a mere 3 1/2 months old. I hope to use this blog to share mommy ideas, family adventures, recipes, and whatever else I find myself into.

Eskimo Kisses and Air Hugs, you ask. My seven year old daughter is fascinated with Eskimo Kisses. She loves to give them and to hypothesize (yes, I was a science teacher at one time) why they are called such. Her top two reasons are:
1. Eskimos have to rub noses because kissing on the lips may result in lip lock due to freezing.

2. Only an Eskimo's eyes and nose are visable because the rest of their faces are covered to keep them warm.

Now for air hugs. I believe a show on the Disney channel introduced my children to air hugs. Now whenever my hands are full or I can't reach my oldest on her top bunk we exchange air hugs. Simply hold out your arms and wave in hugging fashion. My five year old says the neat thing about air hugs is that you can do them from across the room.

I'm blessed that my days are filled with eskimo kisses and air hugs!

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snarvil said...

We are sending "airhugs" right now!
We like your blog, see you soon.
Mom and Dad (aka snarvil)