Monday, March 2, 2009

Memorable Moments Monday

It seems as if we are cursed with the never-ending yuckness around my house. About the time one of us gets well, another one falls victim to yet another illness. We’ve been through a month of non-stop antibiotics between us all. We’ve shuffled pharmacists and doctors, all in hopes that we will get back on track soon. The latest is our short trip to Houston that has turned into another extended stay for Little One and I. My doctor appointment on Friday was mysteriously changed to this Wednesday, not sure how all that took place. But since the doctor wasn’t even in on Friday I had no choice but to wait around for my appointment…I’m ready for my ears to get on that right track as well!

In my absence from my blogging we’ve celebrated many Memorable Moments, one of which was a certain child’s 9th birthday. How exactly did my first-born get to be nine in a blink of an eye? I watched her from across the room the other day as she visited with family. Her smiling face reminding me of the baby she once was and her sparkling eyes giving me glimpses of the young lady she is becoming. Click…another snapshot to file away for my memory book. I have a head full of these images that can be viewed at a moment’s notice. Usually triggered by a long forgotten look, or a giggle, or even a touch.

Em celebrated first with WB’s parents when they came for a visit a week before her birthday. My mother-in-law Pat posted some pictures on her blog if you want to take a peek since all my pictures are back at home. Then we came to Houston and celebrated again here. This year she decided to forgo the big bash with friends and just do a family celebration. So she got to choose a nice restaurant to go to and she chose one of our favorites, Chimichurros that sits on Lake Houston. We had wonderful food and fun. She gets to come back Spring Break for the Rodeo to see her favorite singer Taylor Swift in concert, yee haw!!

The Birthday Girl

Gram and Aunt Kim

Soph and Gramp

WB can't believe Em is 9!!

Me, Little One and Soph

It was so much fun and I’m glad we made it down, even if the stomach flu detained our leaving for one day!! That was my Memorable Moment for this weekJ

And I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about my sister’s and WB’s memorable moment of the week, stay tuned.


Pat's Place said...

Seems like the time for lots of ailments. The constantly drastic changes in temperature seem to upset immune systems, I think! Will pray for better health for all!

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear you have all been under the weather, but happy birthday to Soph. Wow, 9 years old! Do you feel like you just blinked since she was a baby?

fairenuff said...

I love your MMM's although I wish it hadn't been tinged with illness. Here's hoping you are all fighting fit by now!

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