Sunday, March 15, 2009

WB's Run

WB ran a 5K a couple of weeks ago in Houston. It was the kick-off for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Conoco-Phillips run starts the parade that runs through downtown. Of course the weather was blustery, even for us Panhandlers, and definitely for Houston!! We are used to the wind, but walking some of the streets of downtown with the skyscrapers towering above was just like making your way through a gigantic wind tunnel. It was frigid and we were layered as best as we could be with our warm weather wardrobe that we had packed.
We got there around 7:30 and the race began at 9:00. There was a 5K run, walk and then a 10K run. As it turns out WB should have run the 10K because every time we found him on the course to cheer him on he was smiling and waving as he ran along. I think the 5K was a little too easy. I was going to try to do the 5K walk at least, but they wouldn't allow baby strollers due to the over 10,000 participants so I we'd just be the cheering section this year. As it turns out though I could have carried Little One for the 5K because by the time we walked WB to the start, then raced to a couple of points along the route and then finally to the finish we had walked at least a 5K and I carried Little One the entire way!! That's WB in the middle with the white t-shirt and smile!!
WB paced a little over an 8 minute mile, which was awesome. He realized he started too far back in the pack at the end. He started with the 10 minute milers, that's where I would have been for sure!! Anyway, it was fun even if it was freezing!!

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Pat's Place said...

Way to go, WB--and to Mom and crew as backup! Proud of you all!