Monday, March 30, 2009

MMM...Snow Man Building and Kite Flying All In One Weekend

If you've never been to the Texas Panhandle you might think we are crazy, or at least given to telling tall tales. But I assure you this isn't true, well at least when it comes to our weather. To say that it is unpredictable is a bit of an understatement. Let me give you an example...Thursday it was 72 degrees outside, Friday morning it was blizzard conditions with roads closed and blowing snow that made visibility next to zero, Saturday it got up to 50 degrees and the snow was melting, and then Sunday we were back to wearing short sleeves.

My children had a long weekend. Friday schools were closed due to snow, Saturday they were sledding and snowmen building, and then Sunday they were flying kites. All in one weekend, and people think us Texans exaggerate, humph!!

WB and Little One braving the snowstorm!

View outside of blowing snow.

Saturday morning our neighbor came over with his 4-wheeler for some sledding fun!

Even though the snow was melting by afternoon we had some friends over for some snowmen building!

And of course Sunday we were flying kites!

WB mastering the kite in the high winds with Soph and Em at his side (Little One was hiding in front of Soph).

And just in case you think I'm telling a tall tale, here's the kite flying above Em and what's left of the snow:)

The weekend was full of Memorable Moments!


Pat's Place said...

Oh my! That picture of WB and the girls is priceless! It is a "paintable" picture. Could I have a copy of it? I promise not to "lift it" off your blog--I PROMISE!

Sheila said...

oh how funny! I believe it since we are having the same kind of weather 70/sunny today, snow tomorrow!! Great pictures.