Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're On The Road Of 2010

picture by Scott Flathouse

Wow, we're already on the road of 2010 and even though December looks a far way off I know we will be there before we know it. I decided I needed to chart a straight path for this year. I'd like to stick to a course and avoid getting squashed somewhere along the way. I need determination and drive if I'm going to get to my destination. I need to write down my goals and look at them everyday!
Since I began homeschooling this year I realized it just isn't possible to do it all. Through much prayer I believe now is my time with my children. They grow fast and before I know it they will be off on their own. Plotting their own course, which may take them far from home. So this year I have decided to keep my writing short. I'm putting the novel aside, and I'm going to concentrate on things of a shorter length.

The paper I write for is trying to go weekly this year which means my articles will need to be ready each week, instead of every other. That's at the top of my list along with keeping up with my blogs. Next, I'm going to start researching getting some articles published in magazines or journals. I would love to write some stories for Chicken Soup and the likes. I guess, I'll mostly be concentrating on non-fiction for the time being.

I also plan on catching up on reading both novels and trade. A lot of this might have to be done during home school breaks. It will be my treat to look forward too. Lastly, I hope to arrange my schedule so I can get up earlier and do most of my writing before the sun and my children are up. Of course to do this I will have to get to bed at a decent hour and actually sleep! I'm hoping my 2 1/2 year old will help me with this plan.

My eyes are firmly focused on that yellow center stripe, my feet are firmly planted and I'm off.
I know many of you have a course for 2010, what's your destination?


Warren Baldwin said...

What kind of articles do you write for the paper? Religious? Local news?

One of my "destinations" this year - to come out with another book (yes, another one on Proverbs).

Good luck and God bless with your 2010 goals.

Jessica said...

For this year, I'd like to get repped by an agent.
It's true our kids grow fast. :-( I heard somewhere that Chicken Soup and another publication are looking for submissions. Maybe Terri's blog?

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Sounds like you have a great plan, Kara! May we all stay the "straight" course in 2010 and see much accomplished!

Kara said...

I write a family column titled "In the Spirit of Family". It's fun and I enjoy doing it.

That is a wonderful goal, you can do it!

Yes, lets keep our eye on the road and we'll get there:)

Jill Kemerer said...

You'll never regret spending time with your kids. The time really does go quickly once they hit school age! Best wishes with your goals.

Pat's Place said...

Sounds like a great plan. Not sure I have a plan for this year. Remodeling my shape my life--being homeless may also play a part in what I accomplish!

Kara said...

Thanks Jill! Pat, remodeling sounds like fun and you can always come here for a visit!!

Linda said...

It's always good to have a goal and a plan. Don't forget to play too....these years with your kids are priceless! P.S. See you in 16 days!

Terri Tiffany said...

Kara, you have made some good choices:) I love writing non-fiction and it is way less time-consuming.
My goal is to get a job and support us:)

Warren Baldwin said...

Sounds like a great column. Do you ever post any of the articles here?