Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Cards, Cowboys, and Sunsets…

When we went out to take our Christmas cards this year we had quite the experience. I made a comment about our adventures on Facebook and a friend wrote, “Sounds like it could be a country song”. This of course got me to thinking and before I knew it my daughter and I had churned out a song.  We never got around to recording it so you’ll just have to hum along to the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky.


The Flathouse family went a riding out to Cadillac ranch one day,
determined to get their Christmas pics out of the way.


When all at once a mighty herd of red eyed cows they saw,

A-plowing through Cadillac Ranch and up the cloudy draw .

Yippie yi Ohhhhh
Yippie yi yaaaaay
Cadillac riders going by


Faces surprised, their eyes open wide, but it was way too cold to sweat,
Waiting for the dust to clear cuz they had no picture yet.


Let’s get a move on before the sun sets in that big ole sky,
Let’s set the lens on fire,
Before momma starts to cry.

IMG_8975s IMG_8959


And as the dust did settle the pictures they were snapped,
With frigid cold seeping through our bones we hoped that was a wrap.

We left behind the Cadillac’s you could no longer ride

Left them standing upright, against the darkening skies.

Yippie yi Ohhhhh
Yippie yi Yaaaaay
Cadillac Riders going by

Cadillac Riders going by

Cadillac Riders going by







So tell me anything ever inspire you to write a song?

*No cows, cowboys, or children were injured in this photo shoot.


T. Anne said...

How fun! And the pictures are AMAZING!!!!!

T. Anne said...

Oh and no, I've yet to be moved to write a song. Most likely because I can't sing. ;)

Jessica Nelson said...

Awwww! Your kiddos are so cute!
And no, I've never written a song, though I've made plenty up as I sang, I just didn't write them down. lol

Pat's Place said...

Great song! Great pictures! Brrr!

Kara said...

Thanks T.Anne. I can't sing either, but my daughter can;)
Jessica,thanks. I make up a lot of words to songs, because I can never remember them.
Pat, it was cold!

Anonymous said...

Grreat song and pictures.

Nancy said...

I love the song and the pictures. Very creative. My one and only song was about singing to children and how important it is for their future.