Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sprinting To The Finish

IMG_9516 Do you have feel like you are sprinting to the finish of some project? It might be a 50 yard dash or it could be the last leg of a marathon. No matter what the distance when you see the end in sight you seem to pick up momentum.

Right now I have several writing projects that I can’t wait for that last sprint to the finish. I’m working on a cookbook with my girls that includes short stories with the recipes. It’s a fundraiser for their Dad’s MS 150 bike ride that is coming up soon. We need to race hard to get it finished and published in time.

Every other week my article for my family column seems to be a sprint. It’s always done that way. I think of the topic for a week, make notes, do some research and then the week it is due I find myself writing fast and furious to get it in by the deadline.

I seem to work better in the 50 yard dash mode. My marathons are my novels. Most days I feel I will never finish the race. I will never get that finish line in sight, or feel the exhilaration of that final leg.  Maybe I’m just a sprinter, not a marathoner. Or maybe, in this time of my life sprints fit my lifestyle better. I’m not sure. But I do know I’m not ready to give up the dream of the marathon, even if for now my training just consists of the sprints.

Where are you in the race? Which do you prefer the sprints or the marathons?


Terri Tiffany said...

Hey there!! Good to see your comment. I am trying not to do anymore sprints. Did too many last year and so am opting for a long marathon with my book.
Hope your cookbook turns out great!!

Warren Baldwin said...

Cool picture.

Sprints or marathons? Probably sprints, but a lot of what I am working on are actually marathons. Like book projects. Have to pace ourselves.

Good luck / God bless with your writing. wb

Jessica Nelson said...

Probably marathons since I take me time, slow and steady. LOL
Cute idea with the cookbooks! They sound like they'll be a huge hit. :-)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I work better in sprint mode too--especially of I'm near the end. But my usually style is a sloooow marathon. But I'm trying to change that.

Nancy said...

You have a lot of good ideas going there. The cookbook sounds so cute. I like the sprint best. I also get a charge when the deadline comes. Long term things take dedication and the only goal is faithfulness to the vision. You just have to go for that.

T. Anne said...

I was just thinking about how I'm slowing things down with my WIP. I used to do 2k a night and now I do 1k. It's much more manageable plus it leaves time for edits on other projects.

Kara said...

T.Anne 1K is still a great pace!
Nancy, you are right is does take a faithfulness to the vision.
Jennifer, sometimes my sprints feel like marathons:)
Jessica, slow and steady wins the race!
Warren thank you:)
Terri, you deserve a break from the sprints!