Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Make A Resolution or Not…


I’ve never liked New Year resolutions. Why? Because they always seem to take flight  about 2 months into the year.  I usually make big plans to start some intense work-out regime, run a 5K, write a novel or something along those lines. And I always fail. So this year I took a really good look at why my resolutions always took a nosedive.

I was reminded of a saying that is repeated over and over in groups like AA.  Take it one day at a time.  This phrase came to me again yesterday at my doctor’s appointment at MD Anderson. Once again I was humbled by the challenges of those I encountered. Isn’t living with cancer a day to day challenge? My doctors appointment was fine, after all I’m not facing the big “C”, but the news I got wasn’t all good. But it wasn’t all bad. I felt down, but then I decided all I can do is live today and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

So all this brings me to the New Year Resolution. I thought I was just not going to make any, but I decided I would after all. My resolution is to live each day to the fullest.  When my head hits my pillow each night I’ll look back over the day and celebrate my accomplishments and lament over my short-comings. I’ll say my prayers and ask for the strength to make the next day even better.  To get done what I didn’t accomplish that day or to at least get one step closer. 

And I’m making a list of things I want to accomplish:

1. Give acts of service by focusing on the small things.

2. Continue to get better organized with homeschool  and household chores..

3. Start my days early, which helps with number 2.

4. To engage in some form of exercise each day, this includes playing hide and seek with my kids.

5. Write a little each day, even if it’s just a blogpost.

6. Deepen my faith through reading, prayer, and appreciation.



I’m leaving some of my numbers blank, because if there is one thing I have learned it’s that God has a list too. And sometimes we have no idea what is on His list, so this year I’m going to make sure and leave room for Him to work on me:)

Do you have a list? If so what is on it, I could always use some more ideas!

Happy New Year!


Kittee I am a Runner! :) said...

I love your list, keep it simple. I especially love the 2 spots for God to work on you. I am going to steal this idea for myself. Thank you. My list contains; *Not wasting food, making a menu every Sunday. *Creating a blog and writing in it. *Say one nice thing daily about myself to myself. Happy New Year!

Pat's Place said...

I love the part about leaving some numbers blank for God to fill in what he wants to do in your life this next year. Sometimes things take a really big turn AFTER the first when we make the resolutions and many things just fall by the wayside. Also daily gratitude is a great thing.

Nancy said...

For someone who doesn't like resolutions, you have quite a list. They are very good things to work on and I know you can do them, one day at a time.