Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrating A Special Birthday

A couple of weekend ago we had the honor of celebrating WB’s mothers 70th birthday in our new home. All of her sons and their families came in for the celebration, along with a surprise visit from her little brother. We had a wonderful time gathering together as a family. My parents and sister’s family were here as well. I love having people in my home, and I love it even more when I have my entire family under one roof. It just makes me smile and fills my heart with joy.


My mom came over to help me with the flower arrangements. I dream up these ideas and my mom makes them reality. I’ve had very few parties in which my mother was not there working like a crazy woman trying to help me put it all together. My dad is there too, we usually give him the kids to entertain. Couldn’t do it without them. Notice I am wearing white, yellow, and blue. That is important, there will be a quiz later. Okay, not really. NO quizzes today, it’s summer.


My mother-in-laws favorite flowers are carnations and sunflowers, which were fun to work with. I love putting together parties. Sometimes the theme comes from a favorite color, or place. This time the party ideas started with the flowers. I pictured casual fun, but classy too. Really, this describes my MIL perfectly, so it worked. I also pictured bright yellow and dark blue. Which lead me to forcing my parents, my husband and myself to drink lots of wine in blue bottles for weeks before the party.  I needed them for my sunflowers and they indulged, just for me of course.IMG_9584

The flower arrangement on the left came from my MIL’s bank up in Amarillo. I think it’s pretty wonderful costumer service to have your bank remember you and track down where your party is so they can send you flowers. The spirit of the panhandle is alive and well, and I miss it.


The birthday girl, doesn’t look a day over 59 does she?

We had a wonderful time canoeing, playing washers (WB’s dad brought this fun game) , and visiting. It was a wonderful weekend of good times.

IMG_9550The birthday girl and her first canoe ride with WB and Little One.


My beautiful sister-in-law and niece.IMG_9700My other beautiful sister-in-law and her daughter and little one.


Gator sighting. Everyone was waiting. Our little gator made an appearance, but our big momma gator waited until the day after everyone left to show up. Figures, she’s shy.


The whole crew!

In the next post I will tell you about the food. Food is always very important around here. I’ll post the recipes some have asked for too.


Nancy said...

Your mother-in-law certainly looks great for 70. Your flowers in blue vases are so cute. I'm glad you had so much fun. I think a lot of it was the planning, right?

Warren Baldwin said...

Very nice.

Jessica Nelson said...

Aww! Great pics. It looks like you all had a wonderful time too. We saw a baby gator at our river today, but no momma.

Kara said...

Nancy, thanks. Yes, I love the planning part:) Jessica and Warren, thank you too. Jessica,I always wonder when I see the little ones if the momma one isn't too far behind!

Terri Tiffany said...

Your home is lovely and Pat is blessed to have you as a DIL!!!