Monday, July 25, 2011

Play Dough Is a Writing Mommas Friend

It’s so very tempting to sit my kids down in front of the television for a movie or to let them play the afternoon away with the Wii, just so I can have a little time for me. Usually, I’m wanting to plot away on my newest writing venture. Sometimes, I just want a little time off  the “mom on the constant go” roller coaster. But, at the same time, I don’t want my kids brains fried from too much television or video games. I want them to know how to entertain themselves and let their imaginations soar at the same time.

I have a box of 24 colors of play dough sitting on our kitchen table. It was a family Christmas gift this last year. I believe it was a 5 dollar after Thanksgiving special I scored early on Black Friday.  And all I can say is it is proving to be as good of a deal as the 5 dollar waffle maker I bought at another Black Friday deal 12 years ago.

One day they started making these creations. I need to point out that Barbie is very popular with the 4 year old and her older sisters play along graciously, most days. I think on this particular day they were looking for a way to kick it up a notch or two.

IMG_1979[1]      IMG_1995[1]

IMG_2058[1]  IMG_1994[1]

They are very fashion savvy.

Next came the sculpting, which you do a lot of with play dough. But they took it a step further and created a story around their scene.

IMG_2014[1]    IMG_2013[1]

They happily told me a story to go along with each creation. Very nice, no brain frying here.

Then as I was bragging to WB about how creative and wonderful our children were he made a suggestion, Claymation. What? I asked. You know let them make movies. Oh yeah, right, Claymation. Why didn’t I think of that? Sweet WB set up the camera on a tripod by our arts and crafts table and the fun began. I need to note here that when WB was home he poured himself into this project. I happily retired to my bedroom, plopped myself down in front of my big window and wrote away.

This is what they have been creating:

Soph’s movie


Em’s video


Little One’s Worm

I love it! They are having a blast, I am a happy momma doing my thing and no brains are being fried! Play Dough is a writers friend.

How do you keep your kids entertained this summer so you can have some time to do your thing? I’ve got pencil in hand and will be taking notes.


MoniqueB said...

Hi Kara, I love this post!
My go-to favorites are 1)watercolors to music (just the grocery store Crayola watercolors that come in the long yellow tray with the hinged plastic lid and the flimsy paintbrush)~ my kids take turns choosing music by any classical composer and then paint along to it OR 2) painting glass jars with acrylic paint (the kind that comes in a zillion colors and the bottles are just about $1 each at a craft store - nothing fancy, but super colorful!) We save and soak off the labels and wash jars that we like as we finish up whatever peaches or pickles were inside, and then paint them! Super as pencil jars for the school room or you can paint a gift for someone special! We also fill them with half-sand-half-soil and plant aloe vera for the windowsill. Beautiful!

Wendy Paine Miller said...

This is entirely too cool! Skills, I tell ya!

We set up a badmitton net in our backyard. But it's hard to get them away from that Wii.

~ Wendy

Kara said...

Monique, those are wonderful ideas. We are going to try the watercolor one this afternoon!

I love badmitton. We'll have to get a set and try. The Wii is fun though, especially when it is so hot outside!

Tana Adams said...

Your kids are crazy good! I used to make my own and now again I still do. I looooove the scent of play*dough!!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Wow! The Barbie outfits impressed me. Your girls are quite talented.

I'm sure they had fun making the movies, but wished they were longer. :)

Nancy said...

I am totally impressed. I wonder how long it took to do the Claymation thing.

The Barbies outfuts are so fantastic. What a workable idea. I loved dolls when I was young and would have loved to do this. Great, great, great.