Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, I almost got a post done on Friday to tell about my family that was going to brave out the storm in Houston, but before I could post it everybody started to question their decision and the calls started coming in fast and furious. First my sister rethought her decision to hunker down with friends and she started to pack and call friends to see who wanted to leave with her Friday morning. Then before I knew it my Mom decided that it was crazy for them to stay since she wasn't needed at the hospital until after the storm passed. So she and my Dad hurried and packed and headed north. After much texting back and forth to my sister she got on the road with a friend. Thankfully, with the help of my father-in-law and brother-in-law in Austin, we got her on the road with the quickest route to the San Antonio area. She actually had to head south for a little bit, but it worked because there was no traffic and they didn't encounter any problems. My parents had to go a little bit out of their way to avoid traffic, but they made it up here to our house by midnight Friday.
We stayed up watching the weather channel and the path of Ike. My parents have a condo on Galveston Island and we watched as familiar sights were flooded and battered with wind and rain. We still don't know how their condo braved the storm, but it was behind the seawall. Their house in Houston sustained no damage, just a big mess of tree branches and debris in their yard. A block from their house huge pine trees crashed to the ground and littered the roadways and greenbelt areas.
Since my mom was needed at the hospital they had to leave Monday. They are still without power, maybe for two weeks and gas is scarce. My Dad said today that it takes 3 hours to get gas in their area. The devastation is wide spread and funny enough in some parts of Houston they have power, gas, and no damage, just depending on the path Ike took.
Please keep all the people affected by this storm in your prayers. It will be a long road for some before any sort of routine is restored.


Pat's Place said...

Anne says that their neighborhood is an island of perfection in a sea of destruction. No power except in their neighborhood, no stores for food or gas, no restaurants and they are running out of food, diapers, medications, etc. Many of their friends are coming over for cooked food, showers, cool nights, and consolation through the mess. She says it is not any fun, but Bryan is coming home. Glad your folks' house is okay.

Karen said...

Keep us all posted on the Ike aftermath!