Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Rant on Politicians, Celebrities and the Likes!

I interrupt this normally family fun blog to give a little rant on some things going on in this world. I've tried not to comment here, but feel that a lot of what is happening does affect my family or will in the future.

Number 1: I really don't give a flip what some actor or actress on the big screen has to say about who is running for president or vice-president. I'll value your opinion on the best gaffer on set or the best camera angle for a certain shot, but not on who would be the best President. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but don't abuse your power over your starry eyed fans by making outrageous and erroneous remarks about the candidates.

Number 2: Don't insult me by telling me that journalists are not tied to a particular political party. I'm a stay at home momma that can detect lip service and sarcasm a mile away. Do me a favor, all the journalists of the world, write and report the facts and leave the other stuff to the fiction writers of the world.

Number 3: Both sides of any political race have an uncanny ability to stretch and exaggerate the facts. My job as a voter is to sort through it all and vote for the candidate that best represents my beliefs. Not some perfect, walk on water character, but a person who exemplifies what I believe America is about. So everyone within shouting distance that has the power to report the facts, give me every word the candidates have said without pulling it out of context, and again give me just the facts, you need to do your job so I can do mine.

Number 4: I'm just a college educated, stay at home mom of three children. I actually married the father of my children and have managed to stay married to him for eleven and a half years. I take pride in the fact we own our house, our cars, and do our best to live within our means. I take my children to school each day, enjoy volunteer work, and give my husband a kiss each night when he comes home from a hard day of work. I actually enjoy being a mom, cooking for my family, going to church, and watching my garden grow. I value all life, from conception to the last breaths we take on this earth. I see the world as a place of beautiful colors that blend and meld into one. No one color dominating over another. I'm proud to be an American, always have been, even when times were tough. I know that no matter what, there are men and women willing to lose their lives for this country and my freedom and the very least I can do is support them. I also know that my opinion on who can run this country is just that, my opinion. But I'm going to take my educated opinion to the voters booth in November and I hope you will too.

That's my rant for today, I feel so much better. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly!! Very well written.


Amy said...

Amen, sister. A-MEN.

Smockity Frocks said...

Preach it, girl!

Edi said...

I had felt like writing a similar post but never got around to it...I totally agree. Who gives a hoot what Lindsay Lohan thinks about Palin! What are her qualifications that make her rants any more newsworthy than mine?

Anonymous said...

Way to go, girl! I totally agree. Thanks for your words.