Monday, December 1, 2008

MMM- Thanksgiving Moments

This was the first year in a really long time that my family was at my house for Thanksgiving. We had a great time and I must say the food was all sooo yummy, we had lots of good cooks around! We relaxed, we watched football, we shopped, we made Christmas toffee, and of course I made the pledge.
Little One immediately curled up on the couch for some reading time with Gram and her Aunt Kim.
Thanksgiving Breakfast consisted of biscuits made from scratch and slices of ham that my parents brought dipped in egg fried up in an iron skillet. It would make my Nano proud. Snappin the beans Even Little One helps WB rolling the pie dough and giving me "the look". The finished pecan pie, yummy!

Scott made his family's black cherry jello salad.

Em and I making the Bourbon Pumpkin knew I'd work the bourbon in somehow!

Sitting down for yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

It was truly a time to be thankful for!


Pat's Place said...

The thought that the black cherry Jell-o salad continues for another generation brings tears to my eyes! My red-headed Grandmother Willett is probably up there in Heaven beaming down her approval! She started that tradition--at least that is where I learned to make it.

Kara said...

Well, it was yummy and we were happy to continue the tradition!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,
Your right! That was fun. The food was awesome!Thanks.
Your Daughter,
Em :)