Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa brought a Wii

So Santa brought a Wii and I must say it has already been a well used gift. We are in Houston at my parents and it is rainy, which I love, but it can cause certain bizarre behavior in children. We haven't witnessed any of that crazy, off the wall behavior so far because they have been too busy challenging everyone to a game of tennis. I haven't been feeling well and Little One is under the weather as well, but I am happy to report I have not had to deal with the "what are we going to do next?" syndrome.

Now I do worry about my oldest daughter and her intense competitive nature. Who knew it was there? I suppose it was just bubbling under the surface. There were signs... Like when she brought home her report card and had 2 97's amongst a sea of 100's. She apologized and promised to do better next time. Then there was the time she missed one on the practice test for the TAKS test or when her picture wasn't chosen to be displayed outside the computer room, or well you get the idea. But you know, she pushes herself to do better without any pressure from me, she wants it for herself. So I guess that is a good thing to have. But she does have to be reigned in every once in awhile, especially when trying to beat her Mom at golf on the Wii.

The Wii has brought out certain personality traits in my middle child as well. We have to constantly tell her to move away from the television screen as she tries to crawl inside it as she plays. She plays with an exuberance, moving her whole body when only the movement of the remote is needed. Some games she is just plain silly. Making her Mii jump and dance instead of say, hit the ball. She upsets Em to no end with her antics and seemingly laid back attitude towards the game.

Then there is my husband, WB. He tackles every task, and I mean every task, with the goal of perfecting it. He will study it from every angle and attack it with a vigorous assault. The result is usually mastery of his goal. It's just the way he rolls, and I get it (well, after 12 years of marriage I do!).

Now Little One only understands that when Mom puts the remote in her hand she gets distracted. Meaning her attention is not entirely focused on her youngest child. This causes Little One to start screaming "No, Momma. Stop!" Hence, Momma doesn't get to play the Wii very often, go figure.

Anyway, I thank Santa for the gift. It has brought much entertainment to the whole family, and some peace and quiet to a Momma who is feeling a little under the weather:)


Pat's Place said...

Seems like both Em and WB have some of the same traits. The Wii sounds like fun. I have been watching the neighborhood kids become Wii fanatics. I think I need one for the fitness aspect???

The Fritz Facts said...

We have a Wii, and it is wonderful for family nights and when friends come into town. We are gearing up for a Mario Kart marathon right now! lol

Boo tries to climb into the tv too. I don't get it, but we have to remind her all the time too. Hunter doesn't get to bowl anymore, he has a hard time remembering the difference between Wii bowling and league bowling...not a good thing.

So glad you are having fun with the Wii!!