Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Where Have You Been?

I have been away for longer than expected, but I was delayed in Houston due to my ears. When I finally came home you can imagine the chaos, excitement, fun, work, organizing, etc. that when on. Then this came upon us:

This is our first year to sell Girl Scout Cookies, and lets just say things are done a little differently from when I was a kid. Needless to say we have at least 240 boxes to sell, anything beyond that will be up to my kids and their competitiveness.
My Dad did all the laundry while he was here helping with getting Em and Soph back to school while I was in Houston. He also cooked, so WB and the kids had a hot meal each night. My mom retired over the holiday and then preceded to cook for my crew while in Houston and then when she came back with me. Happy Retirement! Of course I now feel weird to actually have to plan things like lunches, dinners, driving carpool, laundry and those normal duties. Mom and Dad can I move back home? I'm coming with three children and one husband, but we'll be really quiet. Really, and we'll try to pick up after ourselves every once in awhile, maybe even cook a meal or two. What do you say can I , can I, please?
I promise to get it together soon and when I do I promise I will entertain you with plenty of fascinating stories. Okay, that may be carrying it a little too far, but I'll at least write something.


The Fritz Facts said...

Welcome home! Hope you are feeling better!!

Pat's Place said...

Aha! Girl Scout Cookie time. I remember the neighbors selling last year. We had two Girl Scouts in the neighborhood--a bit of competition. Good luck! I hear that we bought some while I was gone.