Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Many Faces Of Little One

So Little One has been dubbed the Queen of Expression. She has faces that make you laugh until your belly aches and your eyes fill with tears. Now that she is 21 months she has words to go with the faces, which make it even more entertaining. The sad thing is I know she gets it from me. I watch her face and think, "hmmm, that looks familiar" and then it dawns on me who she is mirroring. I won't take credit for all her faces though! Here's a few of them from when she was younger (I've dedicated a whole scrapbook page to her faces) :

"Uh, were you speaking to me?"

"Did you hear that noise I just made with my lips?"

"Pflllph to you too!"

"Hey Mom, I'm smiling for the camera."

Can we say mischievous?

Doesn't she look like she's about to whack someone, in a sweet sort of way?

Clean, happy, baby.

Okay, this is straight out of the pages of WB looks. I often roll over in the morning to see this face. Alright, maybe not in the morning. I get this look when I bounce into bed at night not at all tired after WB has been trying to go to sleep for the last 15 minutes and well, maybe I'm a little chatty. This is the look, how did she perfect it in her first week of life?!!

"Who? Me? I don't make all those faces!!"


Pat's Place said...

SO cute! And the words will add great meaning to those faces. She does look a lot like you!

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Oh, they are sooo cute! Aren't kids wonderful? And good to have so many different 'looks' captured on film!

kpottlitzer said...


The Fritz Facts said...

I love the faces of babies! They are so much fun!

Amy said...

Those are hilarious! I love the expressions of babies. :)

Thanks for the Lemonade award... I'm getting to it.. I promise! :)