Thursday, January 1, 2009

WB's New Year's Eve Birthday

Yesterday was WB's birthday. He was a very last minute tax-deduction for his parents! He and Soph love to tell people that everyone celebrates on their birthday (Soph's is July 4Th). WB's parents came over from Austin and his youngest brother and family came in from Victoria for a birthday dinner.
I finally got to see my nephew for the first time and it was before he started walking, but just barely!

We ate dinner at Chimichurris on Lake Houston. We had the wine room to ourselves and it was fabulous. So much yummy food...fried plantain chips, chimichurri sauce, crab claws, empanadas, grilled yucca, and on and on. I always eat way too much when we are down here!!

WB's loves carrot cake so I made it from scratch using Alton Brown's recipe. It was a huge hit, I'll take everyone's word on it because I am not a carrot cake fan...give me chocolate please!

This morning everyone came over for some apple fritters and mimosas.
I give up on ever drinking champagne at midnight. Scott and I toasted in the New Year at 10:30 and then went sound asleep.

Here's WB with my little nephew and Little One. Stop, I'm not looking at this picture for one more second... It makes my ovaries tingle!

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The Fritz Facts said...

Happy Birthday!!! My mom is a New Years Day baby, her parents used to joke about how she wouldn't come out to be the deduction. lol