Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrating Your Children

Today I attended "Fab" Friday at my kiddos school. Every Friday they have a morning assembly of sorts for the kids. This Friday was the end of the 9 weeks so it was award time. My kids have never gotten an award, but have been recognized for A Honor Roll. The kids who get the awards; the best manners, most improved, etc. are well deserving. My friends little boy got an award today and he is the sweetest thing. I love him to pieces and the smile on his face lit up the room. So don't get me wrong awards can be fantastic. The downside is when you're 6 year old, who is sitting beside you holding your hand, squeezing it like crazy when they are announcing the winner of an award she might get suddenly lets go when she realizes she wasn't picked.. Then 30 seconds later whispers that she feels sick at her stomach and doesn't want to go to school today. Ah, yes a momma's heart breaks just little each time her child's disappointment is so visible. And okay, I'll be honest I get a little peeved at the powers to be for setting up this whole ritual.
Now I know some would say, "That's life. Not everyone can get recognized. After all there are 200 students and only12 awards to give out the entire school year." "Shouldn't do it for the recognition, it's about doing what's right." Yep, I know. I'm 36 years old and I've figured out life isn't always fair. Heck, sometimes it's darn disappointing. But you know what? This momma's gonna protect her little ones for as long as she can. I don't' see any sense in a 9 and 6 year old, who are good, studious students, to feel like they aren't deserving. Nope, no sense at all. Even if they were little hellions, rebelled a little...I'd just celebrate the days they tried and the days they didn't we'd look forward to the possibilities of what the next day was going to bring.
So here's what this mom is going to do today. I'm going to give my girls a super big hug after school today. Tell them how proud I am of them. Tell them they are tops in my book. And then I'm taking them out for ice cream. Not because they need some sort of reward for doing what's right, but because this Momma is very thankful God gave me two such beautiful gifts.


Pat's Place said...

Gosh! I remember those days! My boys never did get those special awards--and they were special also. But THEY never felt special. Good for you and the ice cream idea. How about printing out an award for them?? For just being the special kiddos they ARE!! And that is a big second to your decision for next year!

Kara said...

I like the award idea. I need to do that!! I thought about their future education as well...seems like even the little things make me more secure in our decision:)

fairenuff said...

Last year the kids too turns to take a bear home overnight if they had tried hard or excelled in class. Bethany would come home sad every day, crying sometimes, "Mummy, I tried my HARDEST today, I tidied, played nicely, did my work, but I didnt get the teddy bear." It broke my heart. I told her that it depended on the teacher noticing her doing those things because she has 30 children to watch, she can't see every good thing, and to keep trying her hardest because that's what counts.

But my heart hurt each time she got upset about it.