Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Battle of the Germs

Everyone here says it's been the worst winter they can remember in a long time as far as sickness goes. Lucky us! The news reported that both of our major hospitals are completely full and they are sending patients to the nearest town which is two hours away for care. Apparently, staph, strep, and flu infections are the cause. Everyone in my house got the flu shot but me, but they say that because of the mutation in the virus this year the shot only gives you a 50/50 shot of not getting it. I'd say that is about right because Soph and now hubby have definitely had a form of it. Yes, just when I got my girls well and back to school hubby starts complaining of feeling bad this weekend. By Sunday he had no voice and a bad cough. Monday, which was a holiday for him, he wakes up running a fever and goes quickly downhill from there.

I think I said three words to him all day. He was miserable and I made him my sister's immunity broth and tried to help any way I could. But, men are a different animal when they get sick and I've learned to just let him lie in bed with the sheets over his head until he surfaces. The girls and I ate early and settled in. Soph was supposed to go to the doctor at 7:00, yes that is p.m. to have her rash looked at but it seemed better so I cancelled. Figured she didn't need to be around all those sick people. About 6:30 hubby came down and mumbled that he needed to go to the Urgent Care Clinic. So we all packed up and headed out. I knew they didn't close until 8:00 so we had some time. I think his words to me in the car were, "I think I'm going to die."
As I sped to the clinic I prayed that Little One would not catch this terrible flu or myself for that matter, because who was going to take care of everyone if I got sick!!

I dropped him off at the door to the clinic, prepared to endure a long wait with three kids out in the car, while I found a parking space. Before I could drive off my husband was back at the car saying the note on the door said because of large patient load no more patients would be seen that night. But it was only 6:30....but I also know those doctors would probably be there half the night as it was. So I drove across town to the other clinic to find their doors locked, not taking any more patients I guess. The other option was the ER, but hubby decided he just wanted to go home. So back home we went. Made a call to Nurse Mom and got instructions on getting his temp down. When I checked on him at 9:00 he was sweating, good sign. I checked again at 1:00 to make sure he took an Advil and he was awake and didn't feel warm. So this am he still sounds terrible, but has a little more life in him. He has definitely turned the corner, so I consider us lucky. Some people have had this flu and it lasted for a week or more. Poor Soph ran a high temp for four days.

Anyway, just had to give the latest medical update here from the Cotton-Top Infirmary!!

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Pat's Place said...

Well, we have it here, too! Both kinds! Hubby has the fever, cough, etc. and I have the intestinal kind and am going on day three of keeping nothing in my stomach. Guess I won't have to go to Weight Watchers for a while! I can certainly sympathize with you!