Monday, February 25, 2008

Memorable Moments Monday

Last week I visited Soph at school. I felt a little like a movie star with her friends oohing and ahhing over me. I've been up to school on several occasions, but this time felt different. I kept feeling the curious eyes of five and six year olds studying my face, taking in every freckle that graces my face (and there are many). I thought it to be a little odd, but quickly forgot about it until later that night. Soph was sitting at the kitchen table having a snack as I worked on dinner when she asked, "Mom, where in Switzerland were you born?"
Concentrating on the task at hand, "Ummm, what honey?"
"Where in Switzerland were you born?"
Did she say Switzerland? I didn't even know she knew that Switzerland existed.
"I wasn't born in Switzerland honey."
"You weren't?"
"Nope." Then wondering where she got such an idea, "Why did you think I was born in Switzerland?"
"Well, because Dad called you a cheese head and they make cheese in Switzerland."
Looking into the ever wise large brown eyes of my five year old I suppressed a chuckle.
"Oh, well that was a good guess. I was actually born in Wisconsin and they make cheese there too!"
Chewing thoughtfully Soph nods her head, "Okay, well I told all my friends you were Swiss."
What?!!! Has my child been reading National Geographic on the side...she cracks me up.

So, yes I am sort of a cheese head. I shouldn't be though, and I take issue with my parents over it. But that is another story and I'll save that for later.

Do you have a memorable moment?


Anonymous said...

Okay, I think this was hysterical and laughed till tears rolled down my cheeks--then I got to the last part about the issues you have about it with "your parents" and I (being one of them) am totally lost?? Guess who, Love you, Mom

Kara said...

Ahh, Mom I just wished I'd been born in Kentucky with the rest of the clan:)

kpottlitzer said...


kpottlitzer said...

wow! i remembered the correct username and password! sorry i haven't gotten around to calling you back. talked to mom and had to come read the post. she was confused - but it makes sense to me. :) i think mom's reaction might be funnier than the post - no offense. also, got your cards. thank you! my only mail.