Friday, February 15, 2008

It Does Take A Village to Raise A Child

Or at least extended family and friends and sometimes even a stranger in a grocery store. Here's the thing, when you have three children and only one you, along with a husband that works an hour away, things can get hectic. Who are we kidding things got hectic with only one child! Anyway, since the sickness has plagued us this winter it has made life difficult at times. Luckily, we have been blessed with some extraordinary people that have come into our lives since our move a year ago. Because what would I do when I'm taking my eight year old home from school early with a fever, crying because she was supposed to go home with a friend and now can't, but my five year old still has an hour left of school? In a village the villagers would pitch in and make sure your youngin made it home. Probably get fed a snack along the way... Or in my case,a dear friend offers to take home your kiddo after school, feeds them a nutritiously, yummy dinner and drops her off at home on the way into town that night. Or when you're trying to figure out how to juggle two sick kids and take your oldest and her friend to gymnastics that night, your friend steps in and offers to again feed child and take kids to gymnastics...see what I mean!!
My husband chips in when he can, but the hour commute makes it difficult to drop things at the spur of the moment. I get reassuring and validating phone calls from family far away, which keeps me sane. I even get help from sweet ladies in the grocery who take pity on me as I stand in a line that is not moving, bouncing a screaming child on hip, while two older children try their best to be patient. She no doubts recognizes my panicked expression as I stare at my overflowing cart wondering if we had enough food at home to survive and if I could possibly give in to the urge to flee with children from the store, leaving the cart to stand in line alone.
I used to refuse help. Forget the village, I had built a fortress that could stand alone! Yep, that pretty much crumbled at my feet after my second child was born. Now I embrace the village. I feel blessed by those that offer help and I hope I get the chance to reciprocate.

**Unlike the author of the book that shares the same title of my post, you will see that government agencies have had very little impact on the daily rearing of my children, just the villagers...ahem...just wanted to make that clear.


The Fritz Facts said...

Oh do I know what you mean! When Boo was sick a couple years ago, so many people chipped in to help, in watching her and in helping me maintain my sanity. It does in fact take a village!

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Ladies in supermarkets can be so helpful! I had one lady even unload my trolley onto the cashier's desk for me. Naomi was in the baby bjorn pouch, screaming and getting louder every time I bent over to get things out. She smiled and said 'You just keep rocking that sweet baby', and put all my things up. Villages are great.

Pat's Place said...

It does, indeed, take a village! That is the nice part about living in one place so long--going on 40 years now! The villagers all look after one another around here.