Monday, February 4, 2008

Memorable Moments Monday

Sorry this posting is so late, but my MMM was interrputed by two little girls who stayed home from school today. We had a restless night with all the coughing, sneezing, and nose blowing! So Em and Soph stayed home as I drowned them with liquids and spooned out allergy medicines. They even had an afternoon rest, somewhat reluctantly, but felt much better by this evening. It was a shame because today it got to 70 and tomorrow morning we are supposed to have snow and a high around 36.

But my memorable moment was this:
Throwing my head back,
Belly rolling

At what?
Or should I say who?
Precious Little One
That's who

As the entire family
Sat and watched
As Little One got tickled
And let out a rolling chuckle

Head thrown back
As her little body shook
Out a squealing peel
Of glee

We all joined in
tears ran down
Our checks

By far
One of the best
Memorable moments
Of our Lives

1 comment:

Pat's Place said...

Oh! Oh! I am missing out on all those precious moments! Gotta plan a visit up that way! Nice poem! You have talent, girl!