Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Okay, our internet has been out so I have been chewing my nails while waiting for WB to figure out what the heck was wrong. Dear man fixed it in the wee hours of this morning, bless you. So I'm back online, but about to meet my friend at the pool since today the sun is actually out!! So until I get a chance to do a longer post I need to say Happy Birthday to my Dad. Today is his day, exactly a week after Soph's:) And since I did not get the card off in time I just wanted him to know we were thinking of him.
Love ya Dad!!


Pat's Place said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to you dad from us also!

kpottlitzer said...

happy birthday dad! i totally forgot earlier and still feel badly :(. kara, sorry i haven't called you back yet. it's been kind of busy and my phone bill was 170 bucks!!! i'm on two feet again! yeah! i want to hear how your stuff went. i'll try to call you tomorrow or sunday. xo kim