Monday, July 14, 2008

Keep Austin Weird

If you've never been to Austin, you need to go. It is the capitol of Texas, a good size city but it still has small hill country charm. And yes, it definitely has it's strange places, okay you may even say weird. But that is its appeal. They have a campaign that is called Keep Austin Weird and they are serious about it. It really all started to keep a quickly growing town from being too commercialized.

On our recent trip to Austin I took a few pictures that I deemed perfect for Keeping Austin Weird. I really only touched the tip of the iceberg and on my next trip I may have to expand my post. But here are a few things that could be considered weird.

Deer outside window looking up to see if you're going to throw her another chocolate chip muffin.

Squirrel on the lawn of the capitol, obviously floored by recent political events.

People gather on the capitol lawn to do what else, feed the squirrels of course!
Or ride unicycles. Going to the capitol is kinda like going to the circus. Can you guess where the clowns are?

This is on the grounds of WB's Elementary School. Yes, it is a very old cemetery. Most kids grow up with a big playing field outside their classroom windows, but not in Austin.

But I suppose it is a good history lesson.

You just gotta love Austin. And if you've never been you really need to plan a trip!!


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Pat's Place said...

Well, I could probably add a few more ideas to that. Austin has always had a Spamorama festival with all kinds of uses for Spam. However, they cancelled it this year. Bummer! Then there is Magnolia Cafe where you can find every hair color in the rainbow amongst the wait-staff--sometimes on the head of ONE wait-person! And then there's Mt. Bonnell where every age (including your own children with their grandparents, toting Little One and stroller) climbs the 100+ steps to view the lake (that is really a river) and the sunset. And there's Eyeore's Birthday Party every year. I could go on, but won't!