Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not so good news and a Tag!

First, I must say that we got another letter from Em today and she is not a happy camper. It was her third day of camp and she was bored and sad. She said they do the same thing everyday, unlike the first day of camp where they had no idea what they were in for so everything was a surprise. So she really, really, really, really, wants to come home and she is anxiously awaiting our response. Oh boy, I'm using every ounce of strength not to run and pick her up. I know this was to be expected and tomorrow is her last day, but it stinks. I wish I could just call her and let her know everything will be fine. She's probably forgotten that all notes are delayed a day so she probably kept waiting to hear from us yesterday and now when I send a note she won't get it until tomorrow, the last day. I'm putting all my faith in those Girl Scout counselors and praying they are handling the situation with care. They better be!!

Now, to lighten things up I was tagged by MaddieLynn over at Smockity Frocks. I am supposed to list 7 songs that are shaping my summer.
Here are the rules:
List seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your Summer of 2008. Post these instructions in your blog, along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what their favorites are this year!

We have a keyboard that Em is using to teach herself how to play. It has a large song bank and she randomly picks a song then works on it until she gets it. Yes, her mother needs to get it together and find her some piano or guitar lessons but so far mom has dropped the ball! Anyway, she has picked House of the Rising Sun(1). We printed out the lyrics and well it's not the happiest of songs but she's "into it". She did say that it's much snappier on the keyboard then when Dad plays it on the guitar, then it's kind of sad.

WB edited out the very end where you get a full head shot of Little One screeching into the camera. Geez, what does an artist have to do around here to get a little peace and quiet?!!

2. Waltzing Matilda - Once again Em has tackled this on her keyboard. Now we are all singing it and even putting Little One to sleep with it. It's an Australian Folk song. WB looked up the meaning of the lyrics to find out exactly what a billabong is and a jumbuck along with swagman. It became an impromptu history and cultural lesson.

3. Itsy Bitsy Spider - Little One is learning the motions to this one.

4. Any Jonas Brothers Song - I can't name them for you, it's just that I hear them over and over and over.

5, 6, and 7 are the various songs I listen to on my MP3 player while mowing the lawn. I listen to a retro station and they play The Beetles, The Doors, Steppenwolf etc. Cool, stuff man, really smokin'.

So now I pass this on to, and when I do this I know that some of you will be too busy to respond and "it's all good" (phrase I have learned from the teenagers at our pool).:



The Fritz Facts


Okay, I know that is not seven but it's getting really late and I'd like to sleep a few winks before Little One wakes up for one of her several night wakings:)

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fritzfacts said...

I am all over it! I was lacking post ideas today.

Smockity Frocks said...

I love the video! All the commotion sounds eerily familiar...