Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Whew, where have I been! Actually, I've been battling some sort of illness that's got me down and the weaning of one 15 month old. I haven't nursed since last Thursday and now realize that was my only downtime and chance to blog!! So I will try to catch up, sorry about my absence. Thought I'd show you some pics from our trip to Austin. It was a working trip for WB, but the girls and I sure enjoyed the resort.

We really enjoyed the pools. If only I could have justified spending 100.00 to rent one of the little cabanas for half a day. It would have been nice for Little One to take her nap in after I nursed her. Probably if WB had spent a day chasing three little ones around the pool he would have welcomed the little oasis with it's fresh fruit, water and flat screen TV. But really, the price was a tad extravagant and so I just ignored the other moms with Little Ones who found a way to justify the expense. I almost asked one lady if she wouldn't mind me rolling my sleeping baby into her cabana to nap next to her sleeping, no that wouldn't be right, would it! Besides, WB did send me off to the spa to have a pedicure and really I have no way of justifying that expense, but it sure was nice.
Em and Soph loved the slide. I was nervous about Soph going down it since this would be her first time on a big slide, but as I held my breath as she reached the top, she didn't even hesitate before plunging down. I was so proud of her, yippee!! (I was busy nursing Little One and holding my breath so I missed getting a picture of her on the slide, but she looked alot like the picture of Em except with blonder hair and a different swimsuit;) )

Our hotel room had a sweet little balcony that face Lake Austin. We went to the store the day we arrived and bought breakfast goodies so we could enjoy the view while we ate. We had visitors that happened along as we munched.
This little one appeared when her momma let her know it was safe. The girls enjoyed sharing their breakfast with our visitors. The girls did ask why these deer were so small. They have gotten used to our mule deer, which are quite a bit larger and of course have those mule like ears.
So WB called from his golf outing ( I mentioned this was a working trip right?) to tell me we had been invited to dinner at Hudson's on the Bend. This is a very swanky restaurant with a well known chef soooo even though I was exhausted (we'd already been out to dinner the night before without the kids and I'm just not used to so much excitement in one week or one year for that matter) I dragged myself out for one more evening of fun. So I dressed myself up, borrowed a Spanish lace shawl from my dear mother-in-law at the insistence of my sweet father-in-law who was worried I might catch a chill and met up with WB. It was worth it. We dined on rattlesnake, duck, elk, bison and even had a homemade fig newton topped with goat cheese. See, I never would have put that together myself but it was yummy, really.
I had the elk for my main course and it was very lean and delicious.

WB went with the Bison tenderloin which was equally scrumptious. After dinner we waddled out to the car and that night I slept like a baby. And thanks to my in-laws my children were well cared for!!


Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Loooove the red dress - looks like a good time was had by all. Even without the cabana!

Edi said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

We've been on a few "working vacation" trips with my dh and I always enjoy it (so do the kids)...I was disappointed when my dh decided not to take his annual business trip to California this year :(

We usually try to combine the biz trip with a pleasure trip tagged on (last yr drove to California and stopped in New Mexico on the way). It's always a whirlwind time...not enough time to do all we want - but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Fritz Facts said...

Sounds like a great time!! I love water slides, and so do the kids. They are always begging me to take them.

Pat's Place said...

Nice pictures! And the Spanish scarf looks gorgerous on you. We enjoyed the girls!

Smockity Frocks said...

Y'all are the cutest family! Boy, do we miss looking across the street and seeing that picture! You should see who lives in "your" house now. Let's just say we are seeing more tatoos and cigarettes and hearing less wholesome language now that you're gone.