Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WB's 20th Reunion Pictures

The crew. Here is part of the core group of WB's friends while going to school. I've listened to stories over the years of lunch hour crams into WB's scary green van. I'm not sure what model it was but I'm thinking it was from the 70's. I'll have to find out and get back to you with the details. These three we met for lunch at Central Market where there was a nice outdoor playground where our kids could play. We all looked at pictures in WB's yearbook and laughed over the 80's hair, among other things.Here's WB with another friend hanging out at the family picnic on Saturday. She looks just like her yearbook picture, even after 20 years and three kids. Her husband is a fireman and she's a stay at home mom like me!
This is me melting. Yes, it was hot and we were at the park for two hours during a fairly warm part of the day. By the time we left I was sporting a very fashionable heat rash. It is also at this picnic that I got word most people were going casual to that night's shindig. Really? WB had told me cocktail attire, hence the silk dress I went out and bought. Hmmm, I should have checked on the whole dress thing myself, make note to self for next gathering

Here I am in my silk dress. Oh well, at least I was nice and cool. I am dancing with another wife. You can tell I really know how to get down. I believe we were dragged onto to floor by another female classmates of WB's. Our husbands remained across the dance floor chatting refusing to bust a move with us. Here is WB (upper left with white shirt) and the classmates that all started kindergarten together.

Oh, and you know those awards they give like most changed, most kids etc. Well, WB got the Most Baby Face Award!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you finally got the pictures to work! My favorite is the one of you and the kids; the expressions are priceless. The green van really was scary. I constantly chastize my parents for letting a teenager run loose in that thing. :)

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Lol - they are gorgeous photos. And as for reunions, they are great when they are good... but can be veeerrry scary when they're not! Lovely dress, too.

Edi said...

Last yr I went to my husband's school reunion and I enjoyed it even though I didn't know the people there (other than the times I recalled my dh mentioning so and so).

He grew up going to a super tiny school where the kids, like your dh, went from k-high school together. Except when my dh started 7th or 8th grade he began homeschooling and never returned to school. But yet they still invited him to the reunion.

It was interesting to hear what different folks remembered about my dh and especially about him no longer going to public school.

I had a similar experience in buying a silk dress for an event I was told would be "very formal" - only to find out it was nothing formal at all!!! And I never got to where that dress anywhere before it got too small on me ;(