Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lone Pumpkin

"What? This is the only pumpkin!"

"Well, it's a good thing it's just my size."

We're getting ready for our pumpkin patch party in a couple of weeks and I am sad to report that we have only one pumpkin so far that is home grown. The very dry summer pretty much depleted our pumpkin patch, pooh. I guess we will be buying some pumpkins to place out in the dirt covered ground that was supposed to be overgrown with the orange vegetables by now. Next year we'll have our irrigation system in place and hopefully we will be more successful!


Karen said...

Your little one is getting so big! Our pumpkins were annihilated by something. We're not sure if it was the goats that got into our yard, the horse that got into our yard, or the many raccoons and possums that live in the woods behind our house ...

Kara said...

Karen, that stinks!! Right now I am "sharing" my garden with some deer and another unknown creature that leaves little teeth marks all over my green tomatoes:) Ahh, life in the country