Monday, October 27, 2008

MMM- Fall Festival

I almost missed posting my Memorable Moment Monday post because I've been a mom taxi today. I just got back from Soph's Brownie activity in which we made bandanna aprons. That was full of memorable moments! And Little One dressed as a ballerina for dress-up day in Kindermusik, which was another great moment. I just love those tiny ballet slippers:) But my most memorable moments came during the fall festival at the kids school Saturday night.

We went up to school in the afternoon to drop off my cake (picture following) for the cake decorating contest and ended up staying to help from about 12:30 until 10:30 that night. Since I was treasurer I knew I'd be there late gathering and counting money, but we hadn't planned on the early set-up part. WB ended up being in charge of the brisket dinner. The woman in charge had been praying for someone to come along to help her with that part of the festival and in walked WB. Having worked in a BBQ restaurant all through high school he knows his way around the kitchen. He got everyone into their hairnets and started barking orders in no time. Soon all I was hearing was ask WB he's in charge, even the manager of the school cafeteria was doing his bidding...geez. But I was so glad he was there to help out, he was a blessing and the dinner made a lot of money.
WB would make a great health inspector, no one was allowed in the kitchen without one of these fashionable head dresses. You'll notice I neglected to take any pictures of myself. ..(I did bring him a baseball cap later though)

The girls had lots of fun with the carnival games. We managed to tear WB away from the kitchen long enough to come with us. I managed to not lose the petty cash bag I had tucked under my arm, which was a huge accomplishment on my part.

My cake won first place, I think out of three adult entries, which I found hilarious. I entered because the contest was sort of my idea and my children had no interest in entering, so of course I felt obligated to. It brought back memories of my school carnival and the year I won the cake decorating contest in my division...I still have the trophy. This story failed to move or motivate my children however:)

Here is my award winning cake titled, "When the Witch hits the fan." (please ignore the terrible bright spot in the corner from my flash!)

Hope you had many memorable moments this Monday!


Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Lol - what a gorgeous cake... I was desperately wondering what it was called, until I scrolled to below the photo! Congratulations on your win!

Pat's Place said...

WB looks enchanting in that elegant headdress! I am so happy all those days at the BBQ place paid off! And glad the festival was a great success. Neat cake, too!

Karen said...

As a Halloween baby, myself, that would make a FANTASTIC birthday cake! I'm loving it!