Monday, April 20, 2009

Memorable Moments Monday

This weekend was full of fun that kept us busy. I would like to post some pictures, but WB still has the camera in his car so I'll have to do that tomorrow! Three of my dear friends from my old hometown came to see me Friday night for a girls night out. They arrived wearing big, red, clown noses. They just crack me up. It's amazing what just an evening with your girlfriends can do to boost your energy!

Then it was off to my old hometown for a haircut Saturday morning for a little trim and upkeep. Always, nice to have your hair done, even though I know it will only last a couple of days because I can never do it the same way. Oh well, I'm just not good with lots of maintenance, don't have the patience for all that girly stuff most days:)

Then we rushed back home to catch the end of Soph's first track meet. She did great and got some ribbons. I think they all get ribbons of some sort, but she said she came in first twice! Those long legs make a good runner. I was so happy for her, because this is the first sport since the Karate debacle that she has participated in. (Karate + elderly teacher + being 5 + sitting for 90 minutes with little activity and lots of just listening to instruction = unhappy camper!) I'll have to post pictures of the meet on Tuesday if I can snatch the camera back from hubby.
Oh, and note to self: Bring lots of blankets to ward off chill of wind, chairs, snacks, and lots of energy to chase 2 year old around for 2+ hours while meet is going on. Can't wait until next Saturday!

And finally we planted our Western Prairie Garden and booster from High Country Gardens. I'll have to give you more details on that later this week. Plus, some pictures of our 10 TON pile of manure that is starting to look a little smaller with all our work! Everyone needs to view pictures of 10 TONS of manure, don't you think?

Those are some of my Memorable Moments...what's yours?


kpottlitzer said...

yay sophie!!! and emma, i got the pic!! our little athletes :)

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

that is a lot of ... manure!